A large part of the game is the fact that you are interacting with your Mii, for the first time ever in a Pokémon Rumble World game. These Miis are sent to other players through StreetPass, SpotPass and downloading through the Internet and are used to represent you. As such, there are a number of ways to customise your Mii using clothing.

Clothing can be purchased in the Shop in the game. You start out with a small choice of clothes before more get added as you rank up. You can also obtain some from achieving certain titles, which then may be later purchasable at the shop if you haven't received it, and recieve gift sets from the King after doing challenges. There are even some clothes which run through the Daily Specials in the shop requiring continual checking for new stock. Purchases can be made via P Coins or Poké Diamonds, depending on the outfit.

Once you have obtained the outfit, you can use it either as your standard Mii outfit, or in your special frame and photo option to be shared with your profile.

Outfit List

Image Name Cost Criterea
PhotoPolka Dot Tunic100 P  
PhotoWhite Chcked Tee150 P  
PhotoHoodie600 P  
PhotoFirefighter800 P  
PhotoStriped Tee5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoSchoolkid100 P  
PhotoBug Catcher2 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoWaiting Staff 15 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoWaiting Staff 2800 P  
PhotoSchool M5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoSchool F Summer600 P  
PhotoSchool F Winter700 P  
PhotoFloral Dress2 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoFlorist5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoFarmer5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoCowhand600 P  
PhotoPhysician5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoSurgeon1200 P  
PhotoDentist1000 P  
PhotoNurse1000 P  
PhotoSailor Suit White800 P  
PhotoSailor Suit Blue800 P  
PhotoPolice Officer M1500 P  
PhotoPolice Officer F1500 P  
PhotoSchool Blazer M800 P  
PhotoSchool Blazer F800 P  
PhotoClerk (Burgundy)500 P  
PhotoClerk (Green)500 P  
PhotoClerk (Blue)500 P  
PhotoWinter Coat1200 P  
PhotoJumper Dress800 P  
PhotoBiker Jacket1000 P  
PhotoSnowman Costume1000 P  
PhotoTree Costume10 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoSanta Suit (Red)3000 P  
PhotoSanta Suit (Green)3000 P  
PhotoHero Costume10 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoKung Fu Fighter10 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoMaid 3000 P  
PhotoButler3000 P  
PhotoBazaar Outfit8000 P  
PhotoThick Coat5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoFormal Tailcoat10000 P  
PhotoMuscle Costume10 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoBikini Costume3000 P  
PhotoSumo Costume10 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoKimono (Summer)700 P  
PhotoHappi Coat5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoAloha Shirt600 P  
PhotoMuumuu800 P  
PhotoPyjamas2 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoRaincoat2 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoDown Jacket5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoCherry Costume500 P  
PhotoSunflower Costume500 P  
PhotoMaple Costume500 P  
PhotoPirate Captain10 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoSushi Chef5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoBallerina5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoGuitarist5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoMountaineer5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoConstruction Worker2 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoBlack Checked Tee2 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoLumberjack800 P  
PhotoPunk Rocker5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoSouthern Belle1800 P  
PhotoGiant-Brush Scribe1500 P Rank 57
PhotoArtist5 Poké Diamonds Rank 58
PhotoAngler5 Poké Diamonds Rank 59
PhotoSculpter800 PRank 60
PhotoWelder5 Poké DiamondsRank 61
PhotoSkeleton Costume10 Poké DiamondsRank 63
PhotoMummy Costume10 Poké DiamondsRank 64
PhotoNinja50000 PRank 66
PhotoFairy30 Poké DiamondsRank 67
PhotoCupid100000 PRank 68
PhotoPharoah Costume700000 PRank 72
PhotoRobot Costume80 PokéDiamondsRank 73
Photo 900000PRank 73
PhotoGladiator5000 P  
PhotoSamurai10 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoKnight5000 P  
PhotoWitch9000 P  
PhotoTrack Jacket  
PhotoSports Jersey  
PhotoVintage Pilot  
PhotoTennis Player5 Poké DiamondsDaily Special
PhotoWrestler5 Poké DiamondsDaily Special
PhotoJudo Athlete5 Poké DiamondsDaily Special
PhotoTomato Costume500PDaily Special
PhotoSpade Tee800PDaily Special
PhotoBaseball Player5 Poké DiamondsDaily Special
PhotoHeart Tee800PDaily Special
PhotoDiamond Tee800PDaily Special
PhotoRace Car Driver5 Poké DiamondsDaily Special
PhotoClub Tee800PDaily Special
PhotoWatermelon Costume500PDaily Special
PhotoPeach Costume500PDaily Special
PhotoBerry Costume500PDaily Special
PhotoScuba Diver5 Poké DiamondsDaily Special
PhotoLinebacker1000PDaily Special
PhotoHockey Player1000PDaily Special
PhotoPumpkin Costume500PDaily Special
PhotoChefN/AGift from king after challenge
PhotoMagicianN/AGift from king after challenge
PhotoPhantom ThiefN/AGift from king after challenge
PhotoBanditN/AGift from king after challenge
PhotoSafariN/AGift from king after challenge
PhotoHunt ClubN/AGift from king after challenge
PhotoPrinceN/AGift from king after challenge
PhotoKingN/AGift from king after challenge
Japan: April 8th 2015
America: April 8th 2015
Europe: April 8th 2015 Retail
Japan: November 19th 2015
Europe: January 22nd 2016
America: April 29th 2016