Like previous Pokémon Rumble games, Pokémon Rumble World contains a hub area for you to do a variety of things including get items, accept challenges and go to the main stages. In this area, you will find the latest Pokémon you have obtained, as well as your own Mii which can interact with the Pokémon you're using. You will also find various Miis brought in via StreetPass and SpotPass, after you have rescued them in a stage. Speak to them and they will take you into a stage for a small price.


First off, in the centre of the the town, you will find the castle where you can speak to the king. Each day, he will give you a new challenge, each with a gift of PokéDiamonds, as well as offering challenges for you to complete as you rank up. These are necessary in order to get a variety of features later on in the game.

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Balloon Stop

To the left of the castle, you will encounter the departure gate. From here, you can check to see how long you have until a balloon is fully inflated, as well as use a balloon to travel to the various stages within the game.

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To the right of the castle, you will find the shop. This shop lets ytou purchase various in-game items using the in-game currency of P Coins or PokéDiamonds, as well as giving you access to purchase up to 3,000 total Poké Diamonds using money from the Nintendo eShop.

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Stone Shop

After you have reached Rank 33, the king will give you the present of a Stone Shop. When you place this, you can take your Pokémon there to purchase a Mega Stone. These are priced at 5 Poké Diamonds each and are given to a Pokémon permanently. Once they have the Mega Stone, they will now have the ability to Mega Evolve in the stages of the game.

Move Tutor

After you have reached a certain rank, the king will give you the gift of the Move Tutor. Here, you can spend P Coins or Poké Diamonds to teach your toy Pokémon some new moves. This is perfect for when a high levelled Pokémon has not got the best moves. The pricing is based on the strength of the move, with 5 star moves costing either 1 or 2 PokéDiamonds while 4 and below cost coins, while non-damaging moves will cost based on effect.

The moves you can get are only ones that you have obtained through wild Pokémon, so for example you won't be able to give a Pokémon with Earthquake until you have obtained a Pokémon with Earthquake.

Rust Fountain

Later in the game, you will start to encounter rusted Pokémon. Much like in Pokémon Rumble Blast, these Pokémon are fairly useless until they have been cleaned. The king will give you a special fountain where you can take these rusted Pokémon to be cleaned and become useful Pokémon. Most Rusty Pokémon end up with decent traits.

PokéDiamond Digger

After you have purchased your alotment of 3,000 Poké Diamonds from the Nintendo eShop, you will be given a special building in the town. This building will dig up 20 PokéDiamonds each day for you to collect, or 40 PokéDiamonds when you have updated to Version 1.1. This can only be done once a day

Japan: April 8th 2015
America: April 8th 2015
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Japan: November 19th 2015
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