When in the castle, you have the ability to click the touch screen to access the Profile option. This option is what defines the data that gets sent along with your Mii as you StreetPass and SpotPass people. The first option allows for you to check your full stats. This includes Adventure Rank, Pokémon captures, Pokémon seen, and so forth. There are four pages of information detailing everything you have done in the game. These statistics are often used when conversing with Miis in the Town


The second option is the Titles option. This is a list of various achievements that you accomplish in the game, such as catching a certain amount of Pokémon, catching specific Pokémoin and capturing all forms of a Pokémon. This list will show achievements that you have begun, as well as ones you have completed.

If the achievement is one that gives an item such as clothing or a frame, it will tell you what the item is.

Mii Settings

The real fun begins in the Mii Settings option. With this option, you have the ability to alter all the interactions your Mii will have when in other players' games. The first option is the message which lets you select your Greeting, Help Request, Defeated and Helped lines of text, to make it personalised.

Next is the clothing of your Mii. While clothing can be set in the Shop, this option sets the specific clothing you desire for your Mii in the profile photo that other players see in their Visitors tab.

When you have purchased the Support Power 1, 2 or 3 items in the Shop, you have the ability to include any of the Pokémon in your possession into the image. You can select up to three Pokémon to be in the image. These Pokémon also travel with your Mii into other players' games.


Expressions is the option that lets you select a specific pose for you and your Pokémon within the image. Not only does your Mii make a pose, but the Pokémon will as well. These are all available straight from the outset of the game.

Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo
Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

When in the store, you can purchase a variety of backgrounds, or earn some through. These range from photos of a specific area such as a Doctor's office, to various patterns. Using these images, a truly creative image can be created using your Pokémon.

Background Listings

Image Name Cost Criterea
PhotoBlack400 P  
PhotoPort600 P  
PhotoForest5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoJungle600 P  
PhotoKitchen800 P  
PhotoDiner800 P  
PhotoSnow5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoRoad500 P  
PhotoWild West 5 Poké DiamondsReceive from Challenge
PhotoBeach5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoDoctors Office800 P  
PhotoDesert5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoWhite800 P  
PhotoRed800 P  
PhotoMeadow5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoGray5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoLodge1200 P  
PhotoSpooky House5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoPalace12000 P  
PhotoDance Floor5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoCamouflage2 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoCamouflage 22 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoCamouflage 3800 P  
PhotoConcrete400 P  
PhotoPirate Ship4000 P  
PhotoStage3500 P  
PhotoAirport10 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoTatami Room2500 P  
PhotoGraveyard800 P Rank 63
PhotoRuins400 P Rank 64
PhotoMoon Surface300000 P Rank 63
PhotoCardboard Box Receive from Challenge
PhotoPink Dots Receive from Challenge
PhotoYellow Dots Receive from Challenge
PhotoAqua Dots Receive from Challenge
PhotoDewdrop Bay Receive from Challenge
PhotoEmber Mountains Receive from Challenge
PhotoMosaic Tile2 Poké Diamonds Daily Special
PhotoPink Check500 P Daily Special
Photo 1000 P Daily Special
PhotoBlue Tartarn600 P Daily Special
PhotoHockey Arena1000 P Daily Special
PhotoYellow Check500 P Daily Special
Photo 1500 P Daily Special
PhotoTennis Court1000 P Daily Special
PhotoBoxing Ring1000 P Daily Special
Photo 600 P Daily Special
Photo 600 P Daily Special
Photo 1500 P Daily Special

Now that backgrounds have been decided. There is also the ability to frame the image using a variety of frames. Like the backgrounds, these are sold in the store, or given as gifts from challenges. There's over two dozen frames to collect, with more being available each day through the Daily Specials

Frame Listings

Image Name Cost Criterea
PhotoYellow200 P  
PhotoFlame5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoHeart5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoFilm600 P  
PhotoRain800 P  
PhotoWire Fence5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoSnow5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoWood 2800 P  
PhotoWinter Holiday2000 P  
PhotoPink300 P  
PhotoSteel1000 P  
PhotoIcicles5 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoPurple2 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoIvy600 P  
PhotoJail 25 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoHalloween2000 P  
PhotoTV10 Poké Diamonds  
PhotoStar300000PRank 71
PhotoStar 230 Poké Diamonds Rank 71
PhotoRed Gift from king
PhotoGreen Gift from king
PhotoBlue Gift from king
PhotoWood Gift from king
PhotoConfetti Gift from king
PhotoRed Flowers Title Gift
PhotoSaturated Linework 5300 P Daily Special
PhotoSaturated Linework300 P Daily Special
PhotoYellow Flowers700 P Daily Special
PhotoBlue Flowers700 P Daily Special
PhotoSaturated Linework 42 Poké DiamondsDaily Special
PhotoSaturated Linework 32 Poké DiamondsDaily Special
PhotoYellow Ribbon500PDaily Special
PhotoPink Ribbon5 Poké DiamondsDaily Special
PhotoJail Gift from king after challenge
PhotoGold Gift from king after challenge
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