Catch Combos

Capture Combos are a unique feature in Pokémon Let's Go. As you capture more of the same species of Pokémon in a row, you will increase your Catch Combo. On the surface, this doesn't provide any special benefit, but there are some big benefits from getting long combos.

First let's get into the mechanics of Catch Combos. Essentially you need to capture the same species of Pokémon over and over with the capture rates increasing as you progress through the combo. Encountering Pokémon of species doesn't break the combo as long as you run from them without capture. There are, however, multiple things that break the combo:

  • A Pokémon running from you
  • Capturing a Pokémon of a different species
  • Saving and exiting the game (Note: Suspending a game does not break the combo)

If you do any of these, then your Catch Combo will be lost and have to begin again. However, leaving the route to buy more Balls or just coming back to it much later will continue the streak.

Catch Combo Same Species Chance
0 0
1-5 5%
5-10 15%
11-20 30%
21-30 40%
31+ 50%
Catch Combo Rewards - Items & Experience

Typically when you capture Pokémon, if you do well you will have a chance to receive various items, particularly berries, but as you progress through the Catch Combos, you get a higher chance of getting various Candy, specifically large Candy and species specific candy to the Pokémon species. Click here for a list of all rewards

Typically, getting a Catch Combo of over 100 twice with a certain species would result in having 999 of the regular candy, over 500 of the Candy L, 300 of the Candy XL and 200 of the species specific candy which would allow for you to boost that Pokémon up with ease.

With Experience, there's a special bonus you get after capturing any Pokémon. When you're in a Catch Combo chain, however, there's a special bonus that increases the experience you gain. With Catch Combos, it starts at *1.1, then goes to *1.5 at Catch Combo 11 but then increases by 0.5 for every 10 Catch Combos.

Catch Combo Rewards - IVs

IVs are the genetic material of a Pokémon and, with no breeding in Pokémon Let's Go, getting a high IV Pokémon would seem to be much of a challenge, but Catch Combos managed to alleviate that. The higher the combo you get, the more guaranteed max IVs you'll receive. However, you could still receive more at lower amounts and the IVs that are guaranteed max are random. This Capture Combo boost only carries over to Pokémon of the species of the Pokémon being captured so if you break the chain by catching another Pokémon, it will have no guaranteed max IVs.

Catch Combo Guaranteed Max IVs
0-5 0
6-10 1
11-20 2
21-30 3
31+ 4
Catch Combo Rewards - Shiny Pokémon

Shiny Pokémon are Pokémon that are generally much rarer than standard Pokémon. Coming in an alternate colour, they show a sense of accomplishment. Like most Pokémon games, Shiny Pokémon can be obtained easier by Capture Combos. This only works for the next spawn and you need to keep the Catch Combo going if you wish to have the increased rates.

Catch Combo Shiny Rate Shiny Rate With Lure Shiny Rate with Shiny Charm Shiny Rate with Shiny Charm with Lure
0-10 1 in 4096 1 in 2048 1 in 1365.3 1 in 1024
11-20 1 in 1024 1 in 819.2 1 in 682.6 1 in 585.14
21-30 1 in 512 1 in 455.1 1 in 409.6 1 in 372.36
31+ 1 in 341.3 1 in 315.08 1 in 292.57 1 in 273.07
Catch Combo Rewards - Rare Spawns

In most areas of the game, there are various Pokémon that don't appear in the Pokédex that will appear in the wild, such as Bulbasaur in Viridian Forest, Chansey in various areas and Charizard in the sky. Typically, these have a really low chance of appearing, increased by the use of Lures. However, there's another way to get these Pokémon to spawn: Capture Combos.

As your combo increases, these Pokémon will spawn in greater and greater numbers and, to make it even better, you can leave the route of your Capture Combo to go to a different area to get a specific Pokémon, so you could Chain Combo Caterpie in Viridian Forest and then go to Route 19 to get a Lapras. Legendary Birds can also be found in this way with a 1 in 2000 chance, or two rolls of 1 in 2000 for Legendary Pokémon with a lure

Catch Combo Rare Spawn Chance
0-1 0.5%
2-5 0.75%
6-10 1%
11+ 50%

Click Here for full details on Rare Spawns