Wild Pokémon Battles

While wild Pokémon battles have been mostly removed from the game, there are some battles with various Pokémon in the game. These battles are timed with a 5 minute timer giving you a restriction on how you battle it. Once you have defeated the Pokémon, it then shifts to the capture of the Pokémon. Do note, the Pokémon can flee.

These battles are also unique in that they follow a structure similar to the Totem Pokémon of Pokémon Sun & Moon. Some of the Pokémon has got stats that are already boosted by one level.

While this battle structure is typically seen with Legendary Pokémon

Wild Pokémon List

#143 Snorlax

Location: Route 12 & Route 16

After obtaining the Poké Flute from Mr. Fuji after saving him from Team Rocket, you can awaken the Snorlax that are blocking the paths in Routes 12 and 16. When you do, Snorlax wakes up and attacks you. In Route 16, its Defense is boosted and in Route 12, its Attack is boosted.

Level 34
??? Nature.
Date of Receiving
Route 12/Route 16. Caught at Lv. 34

#101 Electrode

Location: Power Plant

In the Power Plant, there are four wild battles. On the ground, you will see various Poké Balls on the ground that appear to be items, but unlike the usual items, these are upside-down. When you interact with them, they turn out to be wild Electrode which then attack. They don't have boosted stats.

Level 42
??? Nature.
Date of Receiving
Power Plant. Caught at Lv. 42
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