Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is a feature in Pokémon UNITE that rewards you for completing a variety of missions. Some of these missions are Daily Missions while others are weekly and seasons

The Battle Pass gives you a variety of rewards including HoloWear, Clothing items and general items and these are all obtained through earning points in the missions.

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Battle Pass Bonuses

While some elements of the Battle Pass are free, others will require you to purchase a Premium Pass in order to obtain the rewards. This pass costs Aeos Gems which can be earned from events or purchased in the in-game shop.

There are two options for purchase. One is the standard Premium Pass which offers you access to the rewards while Premium Pass Plus will increase your Battle Pass Level by 10.

The Premium Pass costs 490 Gems while the Premium Pass Plus costs 985 Gems

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List of Battle Pass Seasons

Season Duration
Graceful Style Umbreon April 17th 2024 - June 6th 2024
Dancer Style Meowscarada February 27th 2024 - April 17th 2024
Stage Style Gardevoir January 16th 2024 - February 26th 2024
Dark Lord Style Mewtwo December 5th 2023 - January 15th 2024
Phantom Thief Style Inteleon October 23rd 2023 - December 3rd
Pokebuki Style Tyranitar September 7th 2023 - October 23rd
Captain Style Zacian July 21st 2023
Knight Style Scizor June 12th 2023 - July 21st 2023
Ghost Style Zoroark April 21st 2023 - June 11th 2023
Performer Style Espeon March 3rd 2022 - April 21st 2023
Dark Hero Buzzwole December 26th 2022 - March 2nd 2023
Aurora Style Gardevoir December 1st 2022 - December 26th 2022
Sacred Style Delphox October 13th 2022 - December 1st 2022
Elegant Style Mew September 1st 2022 - October 13th 2022
Band Style Pikachu June 21st 2022 - September 1st 2022
Peak Condition June 9th 2022 - July 21st
Pokebuki April 28th - June 9th 2022
UNITE in the Spotlight March 15th - April 28th 2022
New Sheriff in Town January 30th 2022 - March 14th 2022
Agent of Disaster December 20th 2021 - January 2022
Sun, Sun, Sunshine November 8th - December 19th 2021
Galactic Ghost 094 September 22nd - November 8th 2021
Season 1 First Half July 21st 2021 - September 21st 2021