Picture Name Roles
Clefable Pokémon Unite Image Clefable
Attack StyleSpecial Attacker

Evolution Data

ClefairyLevel 4Clefable


Orange Unite StylePurple Unite StyleElegant Style

Obtaining Method


Magic Guard Magic Guard
The Pokémon receives a shield effect when it restores ally Pokémon's HP. The strength of this shield is proportional to the amount of HP restored.


PicNameCategoryStyleL15 Base DamageCooldown


Basic Attack Basic Attack Special 300 (Std)
1020 (Boosted)
Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage

Special 1

Heal Pulse Heal Pulse Recovery Other 0 7
Has the user immediately restore HP to itself and nearby ally Pokémon.

Upgrade at Level 4: Upgrades to 1 of the following moves
Moonlight Moonlight Recovery Other 0 9
Has the user continually restore HP to itself and nearby ally Pokémon for a short time. The user's movement speed is increased while this move is active.

Upgrade at Level 10: Widens this move's area of effect and increases the duration of its effects.
Draining Kiss Draining Kiss Recovery Special 2009 7.5
Has the user attack nearby opposing Pokémon with an energy-draining kiss. Each opposing Pokémon hit by the kiss receives damage and releases an air kiss. These air kisses will travel to the user's nearby ally Pokémon with the lowest HP and restore that Pokémon's HP. If no ally Pokémon are near the user, the air kisses will return to the user and restore its HP.

Upgrade at Level 10: Widens this move's area of effect and increases the amount of HP it restores.

Special 2

Disarming Voice Disarming Voice Area Special 1613 9
Has the user let out a charming cry, dealing damage to nearby opposing Pokémon and decreasing their movement speed for a short time.

Upgrade at Level 6: Upgrades to 1 of the following moves
Gravity Gravity Hindrance Special 0 8.5
Has the user create a gravity zone centered on itself that persists for a set amount of time. Inside the gravity zone, the user's basic attacks change and deal increased damage.Opposing Pokémon in the gravity zone have their movement speed decreased, with this movement speed-decreasing effect becoming stronger whenever a set amount of time passes. These opposing Pokémon are also unable to use dash moves.If an opposing Pokémon attempts to enter the gravity zone with a dash move, the dash move is stopped and that Pokémon is left unable to act for a short time.

Upgrade at Level 12: Widens this move's area of effect and increases the duration of its effects.
Follow Me Follow Me Hindrance Other 0 7.5
Has the user move to the designated location while waving its finger, drawing the attention of opposing Pokémon it touches and opposing Pokémon near the designated location. Affected opposing Pokémon are forced to approach the user for a short time and attack it with their basic attacks.When this move is used, the user receives a shield effect.

Upgrade at Level 12: Increases the user's Defense and Sp. Def when this move is used.


Wonder Wish Wonder Wish Recovery Special
Has the user waggle its finger, restoring HP to ally Pokémon in the area of effect. The lower an ally Pokémon's HP is, the more HP this move restores to that ally.Afterward, the user gets a random move that it can perform by using its Unite Move again within a set amount of time. Note: Some random moves will activate immediately.

Activates at Level 8
Close Combat Close Combat Special 580 per hit
4060 total
Hyper Beam Hyper Beam Special 17685 total
Block Block Other 0
Hydro Pump Hydro Pump Special 1023 per hit
4050 total
Fly Fly Special 3490

Viability Stats

4 6 3 3 9


LevelHPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
Level 1 3300 130 40 40 30 3700
Level 2 3404 134 45 54 34 3700
Level 3 3524 138 51 70 38 3700
Level 4 4132 160 79 152 60 3700
Level 5 4291 166 86 173 66 3850
Level 6 4473 173 95 198 67 3850
Level 7 4683 181 105 226 81 4000
Level 8 4924 190 1165 258 90 4000
Level 9 5202 200 129 295 100 4150
Level 10 5521 211 144 338 111 4150
Level 11 5889 224 161 387 124 4300
Level 12 6312 239 181 444 139 4300
Level 13 6798 257 204 509 157 4300
Level 14 7357 277 230 584 177 4300
Level 15 8000 300 260 670 200 4300