Galvantula, The EleSpider Pokémon. When attacked, they create an electric barrier by spitting out many electrically charged threads. They employ an electrically charged web to trap their prey. While it is immobilized by shock, they leisurely consume it.


Galvantula is an awesome Pokémon. Great design, cool typing, pretty nice stats, and a sort of niche with its ability. Hits sorta hard, hits fast. 108 base Speed is a great stat, but sadly its Special Attack is a little lacking, as is its movepool. Whatever, I don't care. Galvantula is awesome. It's like Qwilfish… hardly useful, but awesome as hell. I honestly don't really have much more to say… except for how 10/10 Galvantula is.


Compoundeyes: moves get an extra 30% accuracy. Thunder, for example, gets an extra 21%. This is awesome.
Unnerve: the opponent can't use berries… useless.
Swarm: when you get to 30% HP, your Bug attacks are powered up. Not bad, not as good as Compoundeyes.


Every Galvantula everywhere?

- Thunder
- Bug Buzz
- Volt Switch / Energy Ball / Hidden Power [Ice] / Hidden Power [Fire]
- Volt Switch / Energy Ball / Hidden Power [Ice] / Hidden Power [Fire]
Item Attached: Choice Specs / Choice Scarf / Life Orb
Ability: Compoundeyes
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) / Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)

Thunder smashes everything. 120 base power and STAB is brutal, and Compoundeyes means it has WAY better accuracy. Bug Buzz is your other STAB move, which actually has surprisingly good coverage with Thunder. Volt Switch is a special Electric U-turn… obviously awesome. Energy Ball helps to take down Grounds. Hidden Power [Ice] gets rid of Gliscor, 4x weak Dragons, that sort of thing. Hidden Power [Fire] ruins Steel/Bugs and Steel/Grasses.


- Agility
- Electro Ball
- Bug Buzz
- Substitute / Energy Ball / Hidden Power [Ice] / Hidden Power [Fire]
Item Attached: Petaya Berry / Focus Sash
Ability: Swarm
EVs and Nature:
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk) / Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)

Use Agility to double your Speed, meaning you outspeed… oh I don't know… everything in the world. Electro Ball now has practically 150 base power on everything, so 275 with STAB. Bug Buzz works well with Electric, hits hard, and abuses Swarm. Substitute allows you to boost up safely, and if you decide to use Petaya Berry, you get +1 Special Attack. Energy Ball ruins Grounds, especially Water/Grounds. Hidden Power [Ice] for Gliscor and scum, and Hidden Power [Fire] for Steels.

EVs & Natures

Unless it's a mixed set… for some reason… it'll always be 252 Speed 252 Special Attack..

Other Options

Physical, Charge Beam, Thunder Wave
Physical moves Galvantula can use… Wild Charge, X-Scissor, Sucker Punch… that's about it.
Charge Beam works well with Compoundeyes, as it gives it 100% accuracy. Getting +1 Special Attack 70% of the time is pretty swish.
Thunder Wave is an alright support move, and you can use it to kill stuff with Electro Ball.

Double & Triple Battle Options

No defences, few resistances, there really isn't any reason to use Galvantula in doubles. Like… I'd love to say it worked, but it has no moves that are worth using in doubles. I guess the singles sets work, if you really want to use it.


Stealth Rock needs to be off the field for Galvantula to work. Also, removing standard special walls is required, so counters to them works. Fighting Pokémon tend to take down most special walls. Tyranitar, Blissey, Chansey, Registeel, whatever. They all lose to standard Fighting Pokémon. Fire and Rock resists would be nice, so if you go for Quagsire, Gastrodon, Swampert, something like that, that'd work. You could Baton Pass Nasty Plot to Galvantula to make it super powered.

Countering Galvantula

Blissey, Chansey, Registeel, standard special walls work really well. Stealth Rock ruins Galvantula, especially the Choice set. Even though Thunder hits hard, 97 Special Attack really isn't that good, so if it hits on something neutral don't be too afraid. Ground types are immune to Thunder, meaning Galvantula can barely touch them. Ferrothorn does well too. Other Electrics do a good job, as they resist Electric. Zapdos, Thundurus, Magnezone, they all work. Galvantula is so frail. Even though it resists most priority moves, they will still smackdown on Galvantula. Dugtrio is immune to Electric, outspeeds Galvantula, and can set up Hone Claws, or just kill you. Galvantula is such a cool Pokémon, but I'm not going to pretend it is any better than it is. It's awesome, it has a cool design, good Speed, but suffers from Electric Pokémon movepool syndrome, not to mention the fact it is disgustingly frail, and has to compete with Zapdos, Thundurus and Jolteon for fast special Electric. It's a 10/10 Pokémon, but sadly not as good as I wish it was. Try it out though, it's still swish.

Pre-Evolution Corner

Joltik is the most adorable thing ever. I don't care if it is no good in Little Cup or whatever, I just wanted to give this cutie a shout out. It's just so sweet. It can run any set Galvantula runs, but… don't make this thing fight. It's too cute. Oh, it's also the smallest Pokémon in existence. Kawaii-Desu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Locations in Games

Not in Game.

Not in Game.

Not in Game.

Not in Game.

Not in Game.

Evolve Joltik

Animé Appearences

Galvantula has made a few appearances. So far, all of its appearances have been cameos where it appears in a forest

# -English Episode Name- -Jap. Episode Name- Pics
676 Scraggy-Hatched to Be Wild The Wild Child That Hatched From The Egg. Pics
686 Emolga the Irresistible! Beware of Cute Faces! Emolga Paralyses! Pics
715 The Four Seasons of Sawsbuck! Sawsbuck: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, All Present!! Pics
723 Crisis at Chargestone Cave! Joltik, Galvantula! Chargestone Cave!! Pics
726 Battling the Bully! Double Battle! Pikachu & Krokorok VS Scolipede & Seismitoad!! Pics
751 Jostling for the Junior Cup! The Junior Cup Gets Underway! Dragonite VS Beartic!! Pics
752 Battling Authority Once Again! Power Battle! Iris VS Dawn! Pics
769 A Unova League Evolution Unova League Conclusion! Lucario VS Pikachu!! Pics
770 New Places... Familiar Faces! Juniper's Laboratory! A New Journey! Pics
773 Team Plasma's Pokémon Power Plot! Colress VS Looker! The Team Plasma Conspiracy! Pics
780 Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry! Team Rocket VS Team Plasma! Meowth and Colress!! Pics
786 Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness! Cilan the Connoisseur Detective! A Locked Room Mystery on the Open Sea!! Pics
795 The Journalist from Another Region! Alexa Appears! Helioptile & Gogoat!! Pics
800 Team Rocket's Shocking Recruit! Emolga Joins Team Rocket!? Pics
812 Clemont's Got a Secret! Capture Lumiose Gym! Clemont's Secret! Pics

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