Scyther, The Mantis Pokémon. So fast, it can easily create the illusion that theres many of it, it leaps out of grass and slices Prey with it's Scythes. Its speed increases the effectiveness of it's Scythes which are known to slice through large logs in one stroke. It moves too fast for Human Eye to track and when it KO's its opponent, the opponent does not know what hit it.

Battle Moveset

The best Moveset for Scyther would have to be this:


Swords Dance
Silver Wind
Aerial Ace
Baton Pass

Items Attached:

Shell Bell

Preferred Nature:


Strategy Using Scyther

Ah, one of my many beloved bugs we have here. A fiece attacker if I ever saw one, but lacking on the defenses, sadly. However, with his great speed and if you use his type advantages wisely, he could be a very deadly weapon to have on your side. Swords Dance has two uses on Scyther, one of them is, of course, giving his attack a much needed boost so he can use his two STAB attacks with maxinum carnage. The other use, is if you run into an opponent that basically laughs at bug and flying attacks, you simply baton pass the boosted attack away to a more suiting pokemon so it can deal a load of damage, and possible sweep if you pick your pokemon right.

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Strategy Against Scyther

Scyther is a phsyical attacker, simple as that. The thing to against them is have something with heavy defense, but can still attack. One of the Regis would be a very good bet versus this Scyther, Registeel even moreso would be your best bet. But there are others. You could, of course, go for the type advantage with Regirock, it is 4x weak to rock, afterall. Alternatively, just go for any Pokémon with a type advantage

Contest Moveset

The best Moveset for Scyther would have to be this for the Cool Contest best with Lonely, Adament, Naughty or Brave Nature:


Swords Dance
Fury Cutter

Items Attached:

Red Scarf

Strategy Using Scyther

Swords Dance and Fury Cutter are a good combo as is Swords Dance and Slash and Swords Dance & Cut. Cut also gives Jam Points to the Pokémon ahead of it

Locations in Games


Trade From FR/LG


Trade From FR/LG

Fire Red/Leaf Green

Safari Zone

Animé Appearences

Scyther has had many Animé Appearence, although most were after it was captured by Tracey. I will list what it does in the episodes and movies where it isn't owned by Tracey. First, it was owned by the Yas Gym in one of their brawls to be the official gym of Dark City. Then it was owned by a trainer who got invited to New Island by Mewtwo, where it was cloned. Next it was in a flashback of Otoshi's battle in the Fuschia Gym. Then Ash battled one in the fourth round of the Indigo League and won. Next it was Wild on Pinkin Island. After that, it was owned by Danny, the Navel Island Gym Leader and was used in his "challenges" against Ash. Then Tracey Caught it. Then in Wired For Battle, we saw it in Training by some Trainers. Then it was owned by Bugsy who used it in his Gym Battle against Ash. Next it was owned by a Trainer at the Trade fest. After that, Casey tried catching one in the Bug Catching Contest. Then it was used by Some Trainers. After that, the Hunter used it to try and capture Celebi (should this go here or at the start?). After that, it was used by a Trainer in a battle against a Hoothoot. After that it was used in the Extreme Pokémon Racing. Then a flashback to Ash's Battle With Bugsy. Then it was seen in the Legend of Ho-oh as a dead Pokémon, and finally, after that it was used in one of the training rooms in the Rustboro City Gym

Episode 042: Showdown at Dark City
Movie 1: Mewtwo Strikes Back!
Episode 075: Bad To The Bone
Episode 079: The Fourth Round Rumble
Episode 080: A Friend in Deed
Episode 090: In The Pink
Episode 095: Navel Maneuvers
Episode 099: Tracey Gets Bugged
Episode 100: A Way Off Day Off
Movie 2: The Power Of One!
Short 2: Pikachu's Rescue Adventure!
Episode 108: Pokémon Water War
Episode 113: Hello Pumello
Episode 118: The Rivalry Revival
Episode 142: Wired For Battle
Episode 146: Gettin' The Bugs Out
Episode 148: Tricks of the Trade
Episode 163: The Bug Stops Here
Episode 166: Carrying On
Episode 178: Ariados Amigos
Episode 186: All That Glitters
Movie 4: Celebi - Voice of the Forest!
Episode 225: Throwing In The Noctowl
Episode 227: Bulbasaur The Ambassador
Episode 230: Extreme Pokémon
Episode 257: Why? Wynaut!
Episode 267: Pop Goes The Sneasel
Special 7: Epic Battle At Oak's Lab
Special 10: Pokémon Investigation! Search For Oak!
Episode 290: Gonna Rule The School!
Special 14: Another Legend Of Celebi

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