Here are all the preliminary Pictures from Pokémon Diamond & Pearl. Click the Link to view the picture:

Weavile VS Munchlax
Weavile VS Munchlax
Male Trainer on Beach
Female Trainer in Town
Female Trainer in another Town
Male Trainer in Town
Male Trainer about to be Battled
The Pokémon Lab with Prof. Nanakamado
Golduck VS Manaphy
Manaphy VS Buizel
In a town
Leaving Twinleaf Town
About to Battle
Battling a Male Butterfree
Battling a Female Butterfree - Black Marks on Wings
Battling a Male Scizor
Battling a Female Scizor - Bigger Abdomen
Battling a Male Wooper
Battling a Female Wooper - Smaller Antenna
Buizel's Pokédex
Buizel's Pokédex
Buizel's Cry Pattern
Buizel's Height Comparison
Buizel's Weight Comparison
Lucario VS Buizel
Buizel VS Lucario
Getting your Pokétchi
Time Management on Pokétchi
Pokétchi Type Chart
Pokétchi Monitoring Pokémon in Breeding Centre - Two Buizel in it
Pokétchi Calculator
Noon in town
Afternoon in town
Morning in town
Nightime in town
Evening in town
Battling a Geodude
Catching a Geodude
Munchlax is about to evolve
Inside the Pokémon Center...whats in the basement?
Lucario VS Weavile - Wave Guiding Bomb
Lucario VS Weavile
Weavile VS Munchlax - Nature Spurt
Weavile VS Munchlax - Freeze
Pachirisu VS Cherrim - Trouble Seed
Pachirisu VS Cherrim - Reserve Attack
Buizel using Aqua Jet
Pachirisu Using Thunderbolt
Buizel VS Mantyke
Drapion VS Pachirisu - Cross Poison
Selecting Attacks
Full Screen Battle
Meeting up with your rival in his house
Meeting up with your rival outside a house
Meeting up with your rival, the professor and the female trainer
Two Team Galactic Grunts
Team Galactic confront the Professor
The WiFi Center
Battling Online
Cherrim before Sunny Day is in effect
Meeting your rival outside town
Lucario VS Electabuzz Evo - In-Fight
Placing Items on Pokémon
The Country of Sinnoh
Chiremu VS Pachirisu - Thunderbolt
Drapion VS Pachirisu - Poison Fang
Drapion VS Pachirisu - Poison Fang & Poisoned
Meeting Team Galactic in a house
Team Galactic in a house by a Windmill
Piplup VS Turtwig
Lucario VS Pachirisu - Feint Attack
Drapion VS Pachirisu - Poison Barbs
You Want Turtwig?
Electivire VS Roserade - Giga Impact
Electivire VS Pachirisu
Chimchar VS Piplup
Turtwig VS Piplup
Drapion VS Golduck - Thunder Fang
The Contest Hall
Contests - Visual Judgement
Contests - Visual Judgement
Contests - Dance Judgement
Contests - Performance Judgement
Drapion's Stats & Attacks
Pachirisu knows Spark. Spark is a Physical Attack
The Global Trade Center
The Globe in a Global Trade Center
The Battle Tower
Battling in the Battle Tower
An Underground Puzzle - Digging for Fossils
Meeting Underground
Underground Maze
A Block Underground blocking your Flag Retrieval
Electivire VS Roserade - Petal Dance
Electivire VS Roserade - Thunder Punch
Bonsly VS Mime Jr
Bonsly VS Mime Jr
Weavile VS Chiremu
Weavile VS Pachirisu
Chatot VS Buizel
Kricketot VS Burmy
Pachirisu VS Carnivine
Lucario VS Cranidos
Cranidos VS Buizel
Munchlax VS Sheildon
Drapion VS Sheildon
Turtwig VS Koroboshi
Bidoof VS Budew
Burmy VS Pinpuka
Turtwig VS Bidoof
The Union Room
The Union Room
The Union Room Drawing Board
Double Battle - Turtwig & Mukkuru VS Koroboshi and Piplup
The Gym Leader - Roark
The First Gym
Meeting the leader of Team Galactic - Mars
Battling Mars