The Ribbon Society

Hidden away in the Resort Area in the North East of Sinnoh is the Ribbon Society. This building is a rather exclusive place that you will be hard pressed to enter. There are entry requirements for you to become a member. These requirements involve Ribbons. Any Pokémon on your party has to have at least 10 Ribbons on it alone. This will give you access to the Ribbon Society...where everybody knows your name, and the greeter is always glad you came.

The Ribbon society take pride in the fact that you wont find many people in the club at any one time so there are few people to talk to. At the reception desk, there is a lady who will sell you some glamourous ribbons, which you wont find anywhere. These Ribbons will be put on the Pokémon at the head of the party. You can only get one at a time and the Club cycles through the Ribbons below. Below are the ribbons and their price:

Gorgeous Ribbon Royal Ribbon Gorgeous-Royal Ribbon
Gorgeous Ribbon Royal Ribbon Gorgeous-Royal Ribbon
10,000 100,000 999,999

Finally, on the second floor of the club, there are 4 ladies who will gladly give the top Pokémon of your party a mssage. The massage in this area increases the happiness of your Pokémon more than the massage elsewhere in Sinnoh. These will only give it once a day so be sure to use it wisely.