Poffin, or Poffin as it has been nicknamed, is the replacement to the Pokéblocks utilised in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. First you need to get the Pack to store them. Then using the Berries that you find within the game, you can go to the Poffin Maker in one of the towns and start the process

What you do is put in the berry you wish to use and use the DS's touch screen to rotate anti-clockwise as the arrow is portraying in order to blend the Poffin.. Now you can do this slowly or quickly, it all depends on the level of the Poffin you wish


Now once you're done and have the Poffin, you are capable of assessing your results. Based on your speed, accuracy as well as the type of Berry used, your Poffin gets a certain level. This level helps determine what stats it boosts up; Beauty, Cool, Cute, Smart or Tough. Since it's been baked, give it to the Pokémon of your choice and prepare for the Super Contests.