A Returning feature to the Pokémon games is the feature revolving around Time. The time is set by the DS's clock and confirmed as you start the game. It is constantly checkable in the Pokétch Feature. However unlike GSC where there was just Day Night and Morning, there are several new time areas being used

Morning...the time period that you wake up in. When it's morning in the games, the area is darker than normal but still pretty visible


Daytime is the General time set between Morning and Afternoon. This is when everything will be at it's Brightest


In the afternoon, the screen areas have a nice Orange tint to simulate the Sunlight at Dusk and also provide a phasing into night


In the small gap between Afternoon and NightTime the screen gets darker to simulate the time period closer to night and the lights on the building are all on


And Finally at Night, gone midnight, it is dark and all the buildings have lights turned off to simulate the fact that nobody would be awake

When the game comes out, all the specific time based events will be stored here