As with all new games in each Generation, Diamond & Pearl have TMs and HMs to allow you to teach your Pokémon attacks that they wouldn't normally know. However unlike in past games, there are 92 TMs and 8 HMs bringing it up to a total of 100 TMs & HMs together. Here is a list of all the TMs, the attacks they represent and their Location in Diamond & Pearl. Click the attacks to go to their Attackdex Page:

Physical Attack
Special Attack

No. Move Name Effect Type Kind Att. Acc. PP Location
TM01 Focus Punch A powerful loyalty attack. The user flinches if hit.
150 100 20 Oreburgh Gate
TM02 Dragon Claw Slashes the foe with sharp claws.
80 100 15 Mt. Coronet
TM03 Water Pulse Attacks with ultrasonic waves. May confuse the foe
60 100 20 Deserted Escape Path
TM04 Calm Mind Raises SP. ATK and SP. DEF by focusing the mind.
-- -- 20 Battle Tower prize
TM05 Roar Makes the foe flee to end the battle.
-- 100 20 Route 213
TM06 Toxic Poisons the foe with an intensifying toxin.
-- 85 10 Battle Tower prize
TM07 Hail Summons a hailstorm that strikes every turn.
-- -- 10 Route 217
TM08 Bulk Up Bulks up the body to boost both ATTACK and DEFENSE.
-- -- 20 Battle Tower prize
TM09 Bullet Seed Shoots 2 to 5 seeds in a row to strike the foe.
10 100 30 Route 204
TM10 Hidden Power The effectiveness varies with the user.
?? 100 15 Jubilife City
TM11 Sunny Day Boosts the power of FIRE- type moves for 5 turns.
-- -- 5 Route 212
TM12 Taunt Taunts the foe into only using attack moves.
-- 100 20 Route 211
TM13 Ice Beam Blasts the foe with an icy beam that may freeze it.
95 100 10 Route 216
TM14 Blizzard Hits the foe with an icy storm that may freeze it.
120 70 5 Veilstone Department Store
TM15 Hyper Beam Powerful, but leaves the user immobile the next turn.
150 90 5 Veilstone Department Store
TM16 Light Screen Creates a wall of light that lowers SP. ATK damage.
-- -- 30 Veilstone Department Store
TM17 Protect Evades attack, but may fail if used in succession.
-- -- 10 Veilstone Department Store
TM18 Rain Dance Boosts the power of WATER- type moves for 5 turns.
-- -- 5 Water Route 213
TM19 Giga Drain An attack that steals half the damage inflicted.
60 100 10 Route 209
TM20 Safeguard A mystical force prevents all status problems.
-- -- 25 Veilstone Department Store
TM21 Frustration An attack that is stronger if the TRAINER is disliked.
?? 100 20 Team Galactic Warehouse
TM22 Solarbeam Absorbs light in one turn, then attacks next turn.
120 100 10 Veilstone Department Store
TM23 Iron Tail Attacks with a rock-hard tail. May lower DEFENSE.
100 75 15 Iron Mountain
TM24 Thunderbolt A strong electrical attack that may paralyze the foe.
95 100 15 Above the Power Plant
TM25 Thunder A lightning attack that may cause paralysis.
120 70 10 Veilstone Department Store
TM26 Earthquake A powerful quake, but has no effect on flying foes.
100 100 10 Wayward Cave
TM27 Return An attack that increases in power with friendship.
?? 100 20 Lost Tower
TM28 Dig Digs underground the first turn and strikes next turn.
80 100 10 Route 214
TM29 Psychic A powerful psychic attack that may lower SP. DEF.
90 100 10 Exchange from Game Arcade
TM30 Shadow Ball Hurls a black blob that may lower the foe's SP. DEF.
80 100 15 Route 210
TM31 Brick Break Destroys barriers such as REFLECT and causes damage.
75 100 15 Battle Tower prize
TM32 Double Team Creates illusory copies to raise evasiveness.
-- -- 15 Exchange from Game Arcade
TM33 Reflect Creates a wall of light that weakens physical attacks.
-- -- 20 Veilstone Department Store
TM34 Shock Wave A fast and unavoidable electric attack.
60 -- 20 Route 215
TM35 Flamethrower A powerful fire attack that may inflict a burn.
95 100 15 Exchange from Game Arcade
TM36 Sludge Bomb Sludge is hurled to inflict damage. May also poison.
90 100 10 Team Galactic Warehouse
TM37 Sandstorm Causes a sandstorm that rages for several turns.
-- -- 10 Route 228
TM38 Fire Blast A fiery blast that scorches all. May cause a burn.
120 85 5 Lake Verity
TM39 Rock Tomb Stops the foe from moving with rocks and cuts SPEED.
50 80 10 Deserted Escape Path
TM40 Aerial Ace An extremely speedy and unavoidable attack.
60 -- 20 Route 213
TM41 Torment Torments the foe and stops successive use of a move.
-- 100 15 Victory Road
TM42 Facade Boosts ATTACK when burned, paralyzed, or poisoned.
70 100 20 Solaceon Town
TM43 Secret Power An attack with effects that vary by location.
70 100 20 Contact Square
TM44 Rest The user sleeps for 2 turns, restoring HP and status.
-- -- 10 Exchange from Game Arcade
TM45 Attract Makes the opposite Gender less likely to attack.
-- 100 15 Battle Tower price
TM46 Thief While attacking, it may steal the foe's held item.
40 100 10 Eterna City
TM47 Steel Wing Strikes the foe with hard wings spread wide.
70 90 25 Route 209
TM48 Skill Swap The user swaps special abilities with the target.
-- -- 10 Canalave City Resident
TM49 Snatch Steals the effects of the move the foe uses next.
-- -- 10 Team Galactic Warehouse
TM50 Overheat Allows a full-power attack, but sharply lowers SP. ATK.
140 90 5 Stark Mountain
TM51 Roost Restores half of max HP
-- -- 10 Route 210
TM52 Focus Blast May lower foe's SP.DEF one stage
120 70 5 Veilstone Department Store
TM53 Energy Ball May lower foe's SP.DEF one stage
80 100 10 Exchange at Fight Area with Battle Points
TM54 False Swipe An attack that leaves the foe with at least 1 HP.
40 100 40 Veilstone Department Store
TM55 Brine Power doubles if foe's HP is less than half
65 100 10 Pastoria Gym
TM56 Fling Hurls out held item, power depends on held item
?? 100 10 Route 222
TM57 Charge Beam High chance of raising user's SP.ATT one stage
50 90 10 Sunyshore Gym
TM58 Endure Endures any attack for 1 turn, leaving at least 1HP.
-- -- 10 Exchange at Game Arcade
TM59 Dragon Pulse No Added Effect
90 100 10 Victory Road
TM60 Drain Punch User recovers half the damage inflicted
60 100 5 Veilstone Gym
TM61 Will-o-wisp Inflicts a burn on the foe with intense fire.
-- 75 15 Exchange at Fight Area with Battle Points
TM62 Silver Wind A powdery attack that may raise abilities.
60 100 5 Route 212
TM63 Embargo Foe is unable to use held items
-- 100 15 Veilstone City
TM64 Explosion Inflicts severe damage but makes the user faint.
250 100 5 Slot Game
TM65 Shadow Claw High critical hit ratio
70 100 15 Hearthome Gym
TM66 Payback Power doubles if user receives damage first
50 100 10 Route 215
TM67 Recycle Recycles a used item for one more use.
-- -- 10 Eterna Mansion
TM68 Giga Impact User cannot attack next turn
150 90 5 Exchange at Game Arcade
TM69 Rock Polish Raises users SPEED two stages
-- -- 20 Mt. Coronet
TM70 Flash Looses a powerful blast of light that cuts accuracy.
-- 100 20 Veilstone Department Store
TM71 Stone Edge High critical hit ratio
100 80 5 Exchange at Fight Area with Battle Points
TM72 Avalanche Power doubles if user receives damage first
60 100 10 Snowpoint Gym
TM73 Thunder Wave A weak jolt of electricity that paralyzes the foe.
-- 100 20 Exchange at Fight Area with Battle Points
TM74 Gyro Ball Power depends on foe's SPEED
?? 100 5 Exchange at Game Arcade
TM75 Swords Dance A fighting dance that sharply raises ATTACK.
-- -- 30 Exchange at Game Arcade
TM76 Stealth Rock Causes damage when foe switches Pokémon
-- -- 20 Oreburgh Gym
TM77 Psych Up Copies the foe's effect(s) and gives to the user.
-- -- 10 Route 211
TM78 Captivate Lowers opposite Gender foe's SP.ATT two stages
-- 100 20 Victory Road
TM79 Dark Pulse May cause foe to flinch
80 100 15 Victory Road
TM80 Rock Slide Large boulders are hurled. May cause flinching.
75 90 10 Mt. Coronet
TM81 X-Scissor No Added Effect
80 100 15 Exchange at Fight Area with Battle Points
TM82 Sleep Talk Uses an own move randomly while asleep.
-- -- 10 Eterna Forest
TM83 Natural Gift Power and type of move depends on the held berry
?? 100 15 Veilstone Department Store
TM84 Poison Jab May poison foe
80 100 20 Route 212
TM85 Dream Eater Takes one half the damage inflicted on a sleeping foe.
100 100 15 Lake Valor Side
TM86 Grass Knot Power increases if foe is heavy
?? 100 20 Eterna Gym
TM87 Swagger Confuses the foe, but also sharply raises ATTACK.
-- 90 15 Pokemon Mansion
TM88 Pluck Power doubles if foe is holding a berry
60 100 20 Floaroma Town
TM89 U-Turn User switches out automatically after attack
70 100 20 Exchange at Game Arcade
TM90 Substitute Creates a decoy using 1/4 of the user's maximum HP.
-- -- 10 Forest Manor
TM91 Flash Cannon May lower foe's SP.ATT one stage
80 100 10 Canalave Gym
TM92 Trick Room Slower Pokémon attacks first in 5 turns
-- -- 5 Route 213
HM01 Cut Cuts the foe with sharp scythes, claws, etc.
50 95 30 Shirona in Eterna Forest
HM02 Fly Flies up on the first turn, then strikes the next turn.
90 95 15 Team Galactic Warehouse
HM03 Surf Creates a huge wave, then crashes it down on the foe.
95 100 15 Celestic Town Shrine
HM04 Strength Builds enormous power, then slams the foe.
80 100 15 Top Floor of the Lost Tower
HM05 De Fog Lowers foe's evasiveness
-- -- 15 Person in Safari Game
HM06 Rock Smash A rock-crushing attack that may lower DEFENSE.
40 100 15 Hiker at Mt. Coronet Range Entrance
HM07 Waterfall Charges the foe with speed to climb waterfalls.
80 100 15 Jasmine in Sunyshore City
HM08 Rock Climb May induce confusion
90 85 20 Route 217