Like past Pokémon games, Pokémon Diamond & Pearl has the Battle Tower, a place utilised for the battling of your Pokémon against some of the hardest AI you will find. However, the Diamond & Pearl Battle Tower has a few changes:

The first thing of note is that there is no Lv. 50 or Lv. 100 mode, the Battle Tower is Lv. 50 only. However this does not restrict you at all, it will lower your Pokémon's level to Lv. 50 for the battle. Handy indeed, this allows for full integration of all of your Pokémon, no matter what level they are at the moment.

Like in Emerald, battling in the Battle Tower will give you Battle Points that you can spend on a variety of things in the building just South of the Battle Tower. However there are 18 Pokémon that are not usable inside the Battle Tower. They are as follows;

When you get inside the Battle Tower, there are 3 ports of call. On the right is the WiFi area. This allows you to send a team up to the Internet to be downloaded and it also downl;oads a team that will crop up while you are battling in the battle tower. However the other two rooms are the ones that are important:

Standard Battles

In the middle door is where Standard Battles occur. These can be in both Single and Double Battle mode allowing for you to test your Pokémon on some of the strongest computer players. The more you win in a row without a loss, the harder they get. However in Single Battle mode, like in Emerald, you will get to battle the Tower Tycoon on several occassions. The Tower Tycoon is one of the strongest trainers ever and requires some serious strategy and if you manage to beat him, you will get 20 BP. Below are his teams;

On 21st Consecutive Battle

Tower Tycoon Palmer Dragonite Milotic Rhyperior

On 49th Consecutive Battle

Tower Tycoon Palmer Heatran Regigigas Cresselia

Multi Battles

The final mode is the Multi Battle Mode. This mode allows you to team up with a friend via the DS Wireless Play function and tackle the Battle Tower as a team. However if you do not have any friends nearby or at all, fear not! There is a single player mode which allows you to team up with the trainers that you were teamed up with earlier in the game, provided of course you have done that event, Click Here for Locations. Going into a room with the 5 trainers in, you will be able to go up to them and talk to them. This will allow you to pick them to join you. However they do not just have the Pokémon they had when you had them earlier, they have a choice of many Pokémon, some of which may have multiple movesets and below are the Pokémon you may battle with if you select them:

Cheryl From Eterna Forest
Snorlax Espeon Umbreon Porygon2 Blissey Milotic
Latias Latios Gastrodon Porygon-Z      Cresselia

Mira From Wayward Cave
Alakazam Gengar Zapdos Espeon Gardevoir Latios
Roserade Magnezone Magmortar Togekiss Glaceon Porygon-Z

Riley From Iron Mountain
Poliwrath Machamp Rhydon Gyarados Ursaring
Tyranitar Blaziken Breloom Slaking Hariyama
Medicham Absol Salamence Metagross Rampardos
Lucario Toxicroak Rhyperior Mamoswine Regigigas

Marley From Victory Road
Dugtrio Electrode Starmie Aerodactyl Crobat
Sceptile Swellow Ninjask        Weavile

Buck From Stark Mountain
Umbreon Forretress Steelix Shuckle Skarmory
Regirock Regice Registeel Bastiodon Rhyperior
Probopass       Dusknoir      Cresselia