The Pokétch, the PokéNav so to speak for Pokémon Diamond & Pearl. This handy little device is implemented into the main character's watches and has up to 20 features all of which come in a classy LCD Watch style look and controlled with the Nintendo DS Touch Screen. Below are the features that are currently known.

Time Management

The first noticiable function of the Pokétch is the most obvious one for a watch; Time Management. On this function you basically see the time in 24 hour format. This is good to help you keep track of the time and make places in time for time-specific events or Wild Pokémon Captures.

Type Chart

This little function of the Pokétch allows you to input both an attack type and the target Pokémon's types and it will output whether this is normal, super effective or not very effective. Quite handy if you're searching for attacks that can defeat a certain gym leader's Pokémon

Breeding Centre LookUp

This feature is a handy one for all Pokémon Breeders and Pokémon Trainers. This feature allows you to keep tabs on the Pokémon that you have stored at the Breeding Centre. It shows their current level, so that you know how many levels it has gone up since it has been there, and it shows the actual Pokémon and any egg that the Pokémon create. Very handy for breeders and trainers to know when their breeding is complete


This feature is a standard calculator within the Pokétch. When you select each of the buttons, a Pokémon's Cry is heard.

Unfortunately at time of writing, not all the features of the Pokétch have been revealed, but when they have been, the will be added to this page