Nintendo 64

Launch Dates
Japan: June 23rd 1996
US: September 29th 1996
Europe: March 1st 1997
Max Resolution: 640 x 480

The Nintendo 64 was the third home console by Nintendo and the first to allow for full 3D graphics. It still used a cartridge slot and had 4 controller ports. Its first interaction with Pokémon was with Pokémon Stadium, a game made to connect to the Game Boy games through a special "Transfer Park" peripheral that went into the controller. This allowed for players to connect with their Game Boy games and in some cases, play on the big screen

List of Pokémon Games Developed for Nintendo 64

GameDeveloperFirst Release
Pokémon SnapHAL LaboratoryMarch 21st 1999
Pokémon Stadium (Japan Only)HAL Laboratory, NintendoAugust 1st 1998
Pokémon StadiumHAL Laboratory, NintendoApril 30th 1999
Pokémon Puzzle LeagueNintendo, Intelligent SystemsSeptember 25th 2000
Hey You! PikachuAmbrellaDecember 12th 1998
Pokémon Stadium 2NintendoDecember 14th 2000

List of Pokémon Special Edition Nintendo 64 Consoles

Pikachu Nintendo 64

Jp. Release Date: July 2000
US Release Date: November 2000
EU Release Date: September 15th 2000
Price: 12000¥/$189.99
Model: Nintendo 64
Pack-in Game: None

This special Pikachu Nintendo 64 came out in North America, and in Japan in the winter of 2000. This Nintendo 64 features an elongated console with a Pikachu on the right hand side. The Pikachu's foot becomes the reset button and the power button is denoted by a PokéBall. It also removed the extension port to allow for play with the Nintendo 64DD peripheral It came in two colours, blue and orange and came with a special Pokémon labelled controller. In Japan, the controllers were also sold separately.

Pokémon Nintendo 64

AU Release Date: November 2000
Price: $189.99
Model: Nintendo 64
Pack-in Game: Pokémon Stadium

This special Nintendo 64 only came out in Australia. It is a standard blue Nintendo 64 with various prints of Pokémon all upon the case of the console. It came bundled with the game, Pokémon Stadium and was known as the Pokémon Stadium Battle Set