#138 Omanyte
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Misty/Yellow's Omanyte
Gender Nickname Ability
Male Ommy/Omny Swift Swim
Attacks Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Water Gun
Misty gave this Omanyte to Yellow to accompany her on her journey to search for Red. Although it refused to listen at the beginning, Yellow eventually gained its trust. It evolved into an Omastar during the final battle against Lance on Cerise Island.
# Chapter Notes
049 VS. Gastly
055 VS. Primeape
056 VS. Slowpoke
057 VS. Ekans
058 VS. Tentacruel
059 VS. Hitmonlee
060 VS. Dragonair (Part 1)
081 VS. Aerodactyl (Part 3)
082 VS. Raticate
087 VS. Rhyhorn
089 VS. Metapod
173 The Last Battle VII
178 The Last Battle XII

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