#186 Politoed
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Gold's Politoed
Gender Nickname Ability
Male Polibo Water Absorb
Attacks Bounce, Brick Break, Double Slap, Dynamic Punch, Hypnosis, Perish Song, Water Gun, Whirlpool
Gold’s Poliwhirl evolved into this Politoed in a trade with Silver at the Tin Tower. It trained along Red’s Poliwrath at Mt. Silver.
# Chapter Notes
109 VS. Ampharos
110 VS. Piloswine
111 VS. Tyranitar
112 VS. Red Gyarados
113 VS. Delibrid (Part 1)
145 VS. Sandslash
154 VS. Yanma
164 VS. Slowking
172 The Last Battle VI
180 The Last Battle XIV
335 The Final Battle VIII
441 Alternate Dimension Battle XI
442 VS Oddish
443 VS Aipom
444 VS Togepi
448 VS Parasect
453 VS Arceus II
459 VS Arceus VIII

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