Aurus Island Missions

Missions are a set of tasks that you get given by Professor Mirror, Rita, Todd and Phil. These tasks involve getting certain behavious of Pokémon down on shot and bring it to the professor in order to complete it..

Research tasks are unlocked as you go through the game, when you encounter certain species or unlock certain stages. However, if you have already taken a photo that matches the criterea, the mission will not be automatically completed. You need to take the photo again and show it to the professor in order for it to count.

Some missions will offer rewards of Frames, Profile Icons and Effects for your photos.

Missions - New Pokémon Snap

List of Missions

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Mission Stage Unlock
Houndoom's Breather Houndoom's Breather Ruins Get a picture of Houndoom relaxing outside by stretching and yawning. This is simply done by leaving it alone and waiting for it to do si
Blowing Seeds Blowing Seeds Ruins Get a picture of Eldegoss healing another Pokémonby throwing Fluffruit at the cliff to the left to knock Natu out of the cliff
Just Perching Here Just Perching Here Ruins In Level 1, get a picture of Natu perching on Fluffruit by luring it out of the ruins with the Fluffruit
A White Pokémon A White Pokémon Ruins Get a picture of Absol outside eating Fluffruit by luring it out by throwing Fluffruit at the cliff
Salandit's Battle Plan Salandit's Battle Plan Ruins Get a picture of the fight between Salandit and Noivern by luring Salandit into the battle area with Fluffruit. Make sure to get both in the photo
Gracefully Gliding Gracefully Gliding Ruins Get a picture of Noivern gliding inside in the ruins. This can be done by luring it to battle with Salandit
The Mysterious Heart The Mysterious Heart Ruins Get a picture of Woobat near the Heart Marks in the ruins
A Break between Patrols A Break between Patrols Ruins Get a picture of a resting Sigilyph next to the door into the ruins
Drowsing Beheeyem Drowsing Beheeyem Ruins Get a picture of Beheeyem sleeping on its back floating. This is done by taking photographs and hitting Crystablooms
Two Golurk Two Golurk Ruins Get a picture of two Golurk flying into the ruins by luring the two Beheeyem together
Groovy Chandelure Groovy Chandelure Ruins Get a picture of Chandelure having a happy dance by playing music and hitting it with an Illumina Orb, then feeding it when it's near the end of the ruins. After that, play Melody and it will start dancing
Fading into the Shadows Fading into the Shadows Ruins Get a picture of Umbreon in the entrance of the ruins by removing Noivern using Melody and throwing a Fluffruit, then waiting for Salandit to summon it. Make sure to take a picture of it in the ruins entrance
Myth of the Ruins Myth of the Ruins Ruins Get a picture of Jirachi awakened within the Ruins, then when the light pillar is open by hitting all Crystablooms, play Melody twice to see it make a wish
The Power of Xerneas The Power of Xerneas Aurus Island Illumina Spot Get a picture of Xerneas using Geomancy in the ruins