Pokémon Passwords

Like past games, Pokémon Conquest has a password system. Here, when you're in the main overworld map, you can access the password option. This allows you to enter a password which activates a Pokémon within the area for you to befriend and use in your travels. These Pokémon are typically not found in the area or anywhere in the game and so require the password to be obtained

Once the password is entered, you don't necessarily see the Pokémon right away. Sometimes, you will be told that there is an influx of them in a certain area, so you just need to wait for them to appear after the password has been entered

Sprite Pokémon Password Given By Date
Emolga テヘビトカ1リミ Famitsu Magazine March 15th 2012
Croagunk 28セメフフロヒ CoroCoro Magazine March 15th 2012
Pansear ネ8フニミゼテラ Official Site March 15th 2012
Panpour ズヂメ7メボオ6 Daisuki Club March 15th 2012
Gyarados レルル6カミルフ Official Guide March 17th 2012
Audino セ6ゼチ86ヤヒ Pokémon Centre March 15th 2012
Pikachu メキト7ア8オト DS in Tatsuya - Nintendo Zone March 17th 2012
Dratini キエメヒメカ0ド Various stores March 17th 2012
Darmanitan 28セメハクハ1 Official Visual Guide March 28th 2012
Lilligant 8メセヤモビナフ Shonen Sunday Issue 16 March 21st 2012
Gible ゾボエ1ナナボコ Dengeki Kids Magazine March 21st 2012
Beldum カマ8メカセヂキ Nintendo Dream Magazine March 21st 2012
Sneasel コレキ1カキテゾ Famitsu DS + Wii March 21st 2012
Whimsicott ヲイベカ0カビへ V Jump Magazine March 21st 2012
Oshawott 2ゾ2ケグヘロヒ Shimao Magazine April 3rd 2012
Pansage レロロカ8ロヂガ Ace Magazine March 26th 2012
Eevee 0エレフレ8カ0 7/11 Stores March 31st 2012
Deino リヂビ4サ8ボメ Toys 'R' Us March 24th 2012
Axew ドルリヘ8トナヤ Heiwado Co Stores March 24th 2012
Chimchar ママフ1ヲ0ゾチ Piago Apita Stores March 24th 2012
Snivy 8トセギモビセヒ Edion Group Stores March 24th 2012
Riolu セ9タフロヂロイ Posters March 24th 2012
Larvesta ホヂ84カチトミ Daiei Stores March 24th 2012
Misdreavus ヨヂボマ0ノネハ Joshin Denki Stores March 24th 2012
Larvitar カボエ7ロオボヒ Fujiguran Posters March 24th 2012
Scyther トロ06カロラデ Ito-Yokado Stores March 24th 2012
Lapras エ8カクゾ9トオ Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition Ultimate Guide April 18th 2012
Eevee 2rz3XFCKmR Nintendo Power June 1st 2012
Audino ?? Nintendo World Store Launch June 17th 2012
Sneasel ?? Nintendo Power June 2012
Dratini ?? In-game insert June 18th 2012
Larvesta ?? Nintendo World Store Launch June 17th 2012
Oshawott ?? Official Site June 2012
Chimchar ?? Official Site June 2012
Gible ?? Official Site July 2012
Deino ?? Official Site July 2012
Misdreavus ?? Official Site August 2012
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