Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire

Here is a quick Pictorial Guide Describing How to Capture Pokémon in Pinball R/S. Pictures are done on the Ruby Table but the Element is the Same:

Step 1:

To turn on Catch 'em Mode, you have to first send the ball around the table counter-clockwise following the G E T arrows 3 times. Alternatively you can accomplish this by the Slot Machine

Step 2:

When Catch 'em Mode's Triangle is flashing, get the ball so it enters Sharpedo or Wailmers mouth. This starts Catch 'em Mode.

Step 3:

Depending on the location a Pokémon is chosen...don't spend too long guessing what the Pokémon is as you only have 2 minutes to catch it.

Step 4:

Your task now is to hit the Chinchou, Lotad or Shroomish at least 3 times to piece together the puzzle. If you hit them 3 times before going back down you will get a screen similar to below. This will automatically reveal the Pokémon saving time...but make sure you get down there in time

Step 5:

The Picture is complete allowing the Pokémon to start to be captured

Step 6:

When the Pokémon is fully visible, you have to hit it 3 times to capture it...remember, you're still on the clock so no lolly-gagging

Step 7:

After the third hit, the Pokémon is caught. Congratulations. It is now in your Pokédex and maybe even capable of Evolving