Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire

Changing Location, it is vital to capture all 205 Pokémon in this game. Why? Because so many Pokémon are spread out into different areas. However this can be done 2 ways. One is found by the Slots...the other is the more common and slightly tricky way;:

Step 1:

The First Thing to do is to make 3 Pokémon Appear on the left, to achieve this you have to do the following:

Ruby Field
First you need to hit the Button in front of Chikorita. It causes a Razor Leaf to come out and hit the 2 Linoone. You then have to hit the Linoone on the left when its partially out

Sapphire Field
It is easier to do here, all you need to do is hit the button in front of the basket 3 times to have Seedot fall into it

Be Quick Thoug as if you're too slow, the Pokémon will start going away

Step 2:

Once the Third Pokémon is Down (like below) Travel Mode will begin

Step 3:

The Next Thing to do is to send the Ball through the Get Or Evo Passages. Once done once get to the bottom

Step 4:

A Warp Hole appears...Make your ball enter it and you can then decide if you want to Move

Step 5:

Once Moved Volbeat on the Ruby Field or Illumise on the Sapphire field will come and paint the new location.
However there is one location only obtainable if you go the same way 5 Travel Modes in a row. Here you can catch many rare Pokémon