Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire

Here are all the pictures of the game Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire

The Beginning
Aron is Caught
Aron has Hatched!
Barboach is Caught
Carvanha is Caught
Chimney Mountain
Corsola is Caught
Corsola has Hatched!
Doduo is Caught
Dusclops' Bonus 1 - Duskull
Dusclops' Bonus 2 - Dusclops
Dusclops' Bonus Beaten
Electrike is Caught
Evolution is Soon
Oddish is evolving
Shelgon is evolving
Evolution Mode Has Begun
Select the Pokémon to Evolve
Geodude is Caught
Capture Mode Has Begun
Groudon Arrives
Great Balls of Fire
Groudon Bonus Complete
Igglybuff is Caught
Igglybuff has Hatched!
Illumise Has Changed the Area
Go into the Bonus
Kecleons Invisible
Kecleon Bonus Complete
Koffing is Caught
Kyogre Arrives
Great Balls of Ice
Kyogre Bonus Complete
Latias Saved the Ball!
Latios Saved the Ball!
Lombre is Caught
Lotad Replaces Chinchou
Loudred is Caught
Luvdisc is Caught
Machop is Caught
Meditite is Caught
Minun is Caught
Minun has Hatched!
Ninjask has evolved
Oddish is Caught
Oddish has Hatched!
Phanpy is Caught
Phanpy has Hatched!
Pikachu Defense
Pikachu is Caught
Pinsir is Caught
Poochyena is Caught
Psyduck is Caught
Salamence has evolved
Sealeo Bonus
Sealeo Bonus Results
Seedot is Caught
Seedot has Hatched!
Seviper is Caught
Shroomish is Caught
Shroomish has Hatched!
Skitty is Caught
Skitty has Hatched!
Snorunt has Hatched!
Spheal is Caught
Spheal has Hatched!
Spinda is Caught
Spinda has Hatched!
Swellow has evolved
Table Select
Tentacool is Caught
Volbeat has changed Location
Voltorb is Caught
Vulpix is Caught
Wailmer is Caught
Whismur is Caught
Whismur has Hatched!
Wynaut has Hatched!

Sealeo's Bonus
Groudon's Bonus
Kyogre's Bonus
Skitty Hatches!
Aerodactyl Drops the Egg!
Earning Coins!
Earning Coins! Again!
Zigzagoon is Ready to evolve!
It Evolved into a Beautiful Linoone!
Torchic Stands on the Moving Sign
Illumise Changes the Scenary
You found the elegant Jirachi!
Jirachi is about to be Captures
Finding Location!
Starting Capture Mode!
The Classic Silouhette
Attacking the Chinchou to get Poochyena Capturable!
Capture Poochyena!!
Azurill ontop of a Building
Latios Saves your Ball
Granite Cave on the Sapphire Table
Pokédex: Slakoth
Illumise Changing Location?
Hitting a Nuzleaf on the Ruby Table
Marill Will Be Caught!
Spoink ready to shoot the Ball Up
The Kecleon Special Level
Pick Your Table