Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire

Jirachi...the Rarest Pokémon in this game. This Pokémon has caused many people to wonder how to get it. Here's an Explanation of how

After a while of playing you will get moved to the ruins area:

Here on the slots you will see the Jirachi appears Icon, if you get it, Jirachi will appear
When Jirachi Appears, You have 30 seconds to hit him 3 times to Capture Him...Alike the normal get mode. So make sure you're quick as Jirachi will be moving around the board. If you fail, you cannot get Jirachi again until you have a Game over

If you capture Jirachi then congratulations...if not then you have to keep a look out for the Jirachi Appears Option on the Slot Machine. Good Luck