Pokémon Pinball Ruby & Sapphire

Here is a quick Pictorial Guide Describing How to Hatch Pokémon in Pinball R/S. Pictures are done on the Ruby Table but the Element is the Same:

Firstly, you need to make the egg Appear (When you start its already there). What you need to do on the Ruby Board is send the Pokéball into the nest. Then either Aerodactyl or Totodile will drop the Egg off and Cyndaquil will push you back down. On the Sapphire Board, you just need to send your ball up the grating and into the Egg Incubator. Now its time to begin
Step 1:

Now, On the Ruby Board, you have to hit the Cyndaquil 3 times to send it into the nest to heat it up. On the Sapphire board you have to send it up the grating and into the Incubator 3 times.

Step 2:

Once that has been done, send the ball into the Nest/Incubator and the Egg will Begin to Hatch!

Step 3:

Success...the Egg has hatched and a Pokémon is free...however it is not your yet

Step 4:

The Pokémon will begin moving around the table. You have to hit it twice in less than a Minute otherwise it will go back into the Nest/Incubator

Step 5:

If you hit it twice, then congratulations, your Pokémon has hatched and been caught. Now its time to Evolve it