Whenever you go into a battle, especially online, you will notice that each player has got a specific tagline as you go into battle. This often states something about their favourite Pokémon or anything in general about Pokkén. These are the Comments and are found in the My Town > Profile aspect of the game. There are over 300 different titles for you to use in this manner. This page details all of the titles and which category they can be found in



Name Category
Thanks for playing with me!Greeting
Thanks for playing!Greeting
All right, let's do this!Greeting
Let's have some fun!Greeting
Good eveningGreeting
Here I come!Greeting
Nice to meet ya!Greeting
Long time ne see!Greeting
How you doing?Greeting
So we meet again!Greeting
Good gameGreeting
Hope you have a good day!Greeting
Thanks for joining me.Greeting
Sorry for interruptingGreeting
Ready when you are!Greeting
It's just you and me!Greeting
All right, I'll take you onGreeting
It's so hooooooot out.Greeting
I'm freeezing here...Greeting
I'm not holding back!Greeting
Let's battleGreeting
Show me your moves!Greeting
Fun is my middle name!Self-Promotion 1
Cool is my middle name!Self-Promotion 1
Serious is my middle name!Self-Promotion 1
Hardcore trainer here.Self-Promotion 1
Casual trainer here.Self-Promotion 1
I'm the instinctual type.Self-Promotion 1
I'm the logical type.Self-Promotion 1
I'm the reliable type.Self-Promotion 1
I'm the artsy type.Self-Promotion 1
I'm the lintellectual type, no joke.Self-Promotion 1
I'm the hardworking type.Self-Promotion 1
I've been training for this.Self-Promotion 1
Positive thinker here.Self-Promotion 1
Best in town.Self-Promotion 1
In a series of battles now!Self-Promotion 1
In battle now!Self-Promotion 1
I love me some fancy play!Self-Promotion 1
Check out my fancy moves.Self-Promotion 1
Absolutely hooked on battling.Self-Promotion 1
I'm the greatest!Self-Promotion 1
Don't underestimate me.Self-Promotion 1
I'm still training!Self-Promotion 1
Go easy-I'm a newbie!Self-Promotion 1
I'm a bit rowdy but let's go!Self-Promotion 1
Gonna leave my mark on Pokkén!Self-Promotion 1
I play the arcade version too!Self-Promotion 1
I'm pretty good at battles.Self-Promotion 1
I know this game in and out.Self-Promotion 2
I've got lots of potential.Self-Promotion 2
I'll take on anything.Self-Promotion 2
Advanced trainer hereSelf-Promotion 2
None can match me.Self-Promotion 2
Win, grow, repeat.Self-Promotion 2
Giving this my all.Self-Promotion 2
Here's where I come back!Self-Promotion 2
Never miss a chance.Self-Promotion 2
Giving it 120 percent!Self-Promotion 2
I love the ocean.Self-Promotion 2
I love the mountainsSelf-Promotion 2
I love the woods.Self-Promotion 2
I love the city.Self-Promotion 2
I'm just an amateurSelf-Promotion 2
Practicing my combos!Self-Promotion 2
Self-proclaimed battle masterSelf-Promotion 2
Combo master here.Self-Promotion 2
I'm not gonna lose!Self-Promotion 2
At my best now!Self-Promotion 2
I always win, in spirit!Self-Promotion 2
I'm the greatest...I hope!Self-Promotion 2
I'll play for real tomorrowSelf-Promotion 2
I'm going all out!Self-Promotion 2
This Pokémon comes packing!Self-Promotion 2
Speed and weight!!Self-Promotion 2
I'm hitting up all the fight scenesSelf-Promotion 2
Offense is my middle namePlay Style 1
Defense is my middle namePlay Style 1
Move-Maker is my middle namePlay Style 1
They call me No-GuardPlay Style 1
They call me BulldozerPlay Style 1
They call me the Turnaround KidPlay Style 1
Field Phase is where it's at.Play Style 1
Duel Phase is where it's at.Play Style 1
I'm home in midrange.Play Style 1
I'm at home in long range.Play Style 1
Ranged Attacks are my specialtyPlay Style 1
I'm an outfighter!Play Style 1
I'm an infighter!Play Style 1
My fighting style is a secretPlay Style 1
My fighting style is dangerous.Play Style 1
I always give it my all.Play Style 1
Counter attacks are my specialty.Play Style 1
Grabs are my specialtyPlay Style 1
Normal attacks are my specialtyPlay Style 1
My attacks are intense.Play Style 1
My defense is unbeatablePlay Style 1
I'm a master of SynergyPlay Style 1
I'm a master of strategy.Play Style 1
All I wanna do is Synergy Burst.Play Style 1
I'm a bit of a trickster!Play Style 1
Going in for the sting.Play Style 1
I risk it all on a good explosion.Play Style 1
You've got to read your opponent's moves.Play Style 2
Who cares about reading your opponent's moves!Play Style 2
My sights are clearPlay Style 2
Perspective is important.Play Style 2
Fighting with all I've gotPlay Style 2
I'm a cautious fighter.Play Style 2
I use everything at my disposalPlay Style 2
Gotta get a feel for things first.Play Style 2
I'm a critical hit masterPlay Style 2
Fancy player here.Play Style 2
Perseverance is my strong suit.Play Style 2
I live by nonstop wins.Play Style 2
I'll play it by earPlay Style 2
Unreachable defensePlay Style 2
You won't get any hints from me.Play Style 2
Irregular nonconformistPlay Style 2
I'll be taking the advantage here/Play Style 2
I play like a brat!Play Style 2
Winning isn't what's important.Play Style 2
Gotta make those chances.Play Style 2
The first attack will be mine!Play Style 2
I'm a balanced sort of player.Play Style 2
I'm a rush attacker.Play Style 2
Waiting is my style.Play Style 2
Leave it up to luck.Play Style 2
I never walk away empty handed.Play Style 2
Let's be friends!Request
Go easy on me, please!Request
Teach me how to play like you!Request
Let's fight fair and square!Request
Bring it on!Request
Let's settle this.Request
It's now or neverRequest
Battle me!Request
Don't judge a book by its cover!Request
I won't be holding back!Request
Please go easy on me!Request
Let's just have a bit of fun.Request
Let's take it easy.Request
Looking for a nice long battle!Request
Let's take this to final round!Request
Accepting all challengers!Request
Looking for people on the same rank!Request
Looking for higher-rank opponents!Request
Looking for a Pokkén master!Request
Looking for Pokkén friends!Request
Looking for a Pokkén instructor!Request
Don't think you'll keep winning!Request
Bring it on, if you've got the backbone!Request
Let's make this a battle to remember.Request
B-b-bring it on...!Request
Don't go too hard on me, all right?Request
You...and me...and a Ferrum BattleRequest
Care to battle?Question
Do you want to battle?Question
Are you a seasoned player?Question
How'd you learn such technique?Question
Are you any good?Question
Was that unexpected?Question
Do you mind if I tear things up?Question
Mind if I tell people about you?Question
It's cool that I'm jittery with excitement, right?Question
You don't need me to hold back, right?Question
Do you want me to hold back?Question
Everything set?Question
Did you do your prep work?Question
No excuses, OK?Question
Are you ready to defend?Question
Don't go running away, OK?Question
Cool, eh?Question
Cute, huh?Question
You having a good time?Question
Ready to show me your stuff?Question
You know the Attack Triangle, right?Question
You got what it takes?Question
What are you doing here?Question
You ready for this?Question
You think you've got what it takes to face me?Question
Not looking so good, huh?Question
Are you having trouble picturing the battle?Question
I'm good!Chitchat 1
Get well soon!Chitchat 1
I love Pokémon!Chitchat 1
Your Pokémon look like they're having fun!Chitchat 1
Nice Pokémon you've got there!Chitchat 1
Show me how you two work together.Chitchat 1
I'm your challenger.Chitchat 1
Let's enjoy a bit of sport!Chitchat 1
Just as expected!Chitchat 1
A flowing river of passion.Chitchat 1
Time to teach you a lesson!Chitchat 1
That was enjoyable, huh?Chitchat 1
I just can't win...Chitchat 1
I'm so excited, I can't take it!Chitchat 1
Such skill!Chitchat 1
I'm getting tired of waiting...Chitchat 1
I'm a...little nervous.Chitchat 1
Oh how I have waited for this day...Chitchat 1
Hold up-don't get all panickyChitchat 1
Now's not the time to go soft.Chitchat 1
Time for some training!Chitchat 1
The night draws near.Chitchat 1
Just wanna refresh a bit.Chitchat 1
I'm starved...Chitchat 1
I love ya!!Chitchat 1
I'm just passing on by.Chitchat 1
Here, I'll get you set up.Chitchat 1
I feel like a million bucks today! Time to win!Chitchat 2
Self-analysis complete!Chitchat 2
I've done my homework!Chitchat 2
Let's go easy, huh?Chitchat 2
No hard feelings!Chitchat 2
I'll be waiting for a rematch!Chitchat 2
I'm just fooling around.Chitchat 2
My horoscope says I'm in for a win today!Chitchat 2
Things are looking up.Chitchat 2
Real Pokkén players start early.Chitchat 2
Real Pokkén players play in the early afternoon.Chitchat 2
Real Pokkén players play in the evening.Chitchat 2
Nighttime is when the real Pokkén players come out.Chitchat 2
Real Pokkén players know late night is where it's at.Chitchat 2
Real Pokkén players use every holiday to play.Chitchat 2
Real Pokkén players play all weekend.Chitchat 2
I've been sneaking in some practice.Chitchat 2
I put myself through some intense training.Chitchat 2
Just started training.Chitchat 2
This is just right.Chitchat 2
Can't stop playing PokkénChitchat 2
Hiyaaaaaaah!!Chitchat 2
Lemme show you what Synergy is all about.Chitchat 2
Strong? Weak? No, cute Pokémon are the best!Chitchat 2
Your Synergy Gauge isn't full yet.Chitchat 2
You've just taken your first steps into the Ferrum Region.Chitchat 2
Release your sense of self and become one with Pokémon!Chitchat 2
Lucario is the coolest!Pokémon 1
Face off against my Lucario!Pokémon 1
Lucario and I have been training.Pokémon 1
Aren't Lucario's paws adorable?Pokémon 1
Gather up, Lucario fans!Pokémon 1
Pikachu is just the cutest!Pokémon 1
Go! Pikachu!Pokémon 1
I believe in you, Pikachu!Pokémon 1
Pikachu, I choose you!Pokémon 1
Gather up, Pika fans!Pokémon 1
Machamp is on fire!Pokémon 1
Face off against my Machamp!Pokémon 1
Don't hate me for my Machamp.Pokémon 1
Muscles are made of Machamp, not the other way around!Pokémon 1
Gather up, Machamp Fans!Pokémon 1
Gardevoir, you're so cute.Pokémon 1
Go get 'em, Gardevoir!Pokémon 1
I believe in your, Gardevoir!Pokémon 1
Gardevoir's the best!Pokémon 1
Gather up, Gardevoir fans!Pokémon 1
Weavile is just the cutest!Pokémon 1
Give 'em what for, Weavile!Pokémon 1
Let's have some fun, Weavile.Pokémon 1
Think you can keep up with Weavile?Pokémon 1
Gather up, Weavile fans!Pokémon 1
Suicune is amazing.Pokémon 1
Face off against my Suicune!Pokémon 1
Suicune, the lone maverick.Pokémon 2
Suicune lover.Pokémon 2
Gather up, Suicune fans!Pokémon 2
I don't even need to tell you how awesome Charizard is.Pokémon 2
Let's go, Charizard!Pokémon 2
I'm gonna be a Charizard master!Pokémon 2
Me and Charizard are in training.Pokémon 2
Gather up, Charizard fans!Pokémon 2
Can't stop using GengarPokémon 2
Let's go, Gengar!Pokémon 2
Gengar is scary sometimes...Pokémon 2
I've got goose bumps... Come on out, Gengar!Pokémon 2
Gather up, Gengar fans!Pokémon 2
Blaziken, you're incredible!Pokémon 2
Face off against my Blaziken!Pokémon 2
I only use Blaziken.Pokémon 2
Blaziken, I believe in youPokémon 2
Gather up, Blaziken fans!Pokémon 2
Pikachu Libre is tearing it up!Pokémon 2
Hang in there, Pikachu Libre!Pokémon 2
I only use Pikachu Libre.Pokémon 2
Pikachu Libre lover right here.Pokémon 2
Gather up, Pikachu Libre fans!Pokémon 2
Sceptile is so cool!Pokémon 2
Face off against my Sceptile!Pokémon 2
Sceptile , I believe in you.Pokémon 2
Sceptile is my everything.Pokémon 2
Gather up, Sceptile fans!Pokémon 3
Nice, Chandelure!Pokémon 3
Hang in there, Chandelure!Pokémon 3
Don't hate me for my Chandelure.Pokémon 3
Chandelure is where it's at.Pokémon 3
Gather up, Chandelure fans!Pokémon 3
Garchomp is so cool!Pokémon 3
Face off against my Garchomp!Pokémon 3
I'm gonna be a Garchomp master!Pokémon 3
Me and Garchomp are in training.Pokémon 3
Gather up, Garchomp fans!Pokémon 3
Braixen is just the cutest.Pokémon 3
Go get 'em, Braixen!Pokémon 3
Braixen, I believe in you.Pokémon 3
The marvelous, magical Braixen!Pokémon 3
Gather up, Braixen fansPokémon 3
I love Emolga!Pokémon 3
Fennekin is so adorable!Pokémon 3
Don't snivel at Snivy.Pokémon 3
I'm hooked on LaprasPokémon 3
Frogadier is so cool!Pokémon 3
I love Eevee!Pokémon 3
Don't hate me for my Cubone.Pokémon 3
Diglett is just so fascinating.Pokémon 3
Jirachi's got me covered.Pokémon 3
Fluffy-wuffy Whimsicott.Pokémon 3
Croagunk is the best.Pokémon 3
Sylveon is so adorable.Pokémon 4
Pachirisu is just too cute!Pokémon 4
Pull in all the Magikarp!Pokémon 4
Mismagius is so scary...Pokémon 4
Ninetales, the lone maverick.Pokémon 4
Rotom is pretty interesting, huh.Pokémon 4
Togekiss is just amazing.Pokémon 4
Farfetch'd, the lone maverick.Pokémon 4
Electrode's a ball of danger.Pokémon 4
Dragonite is so cool!Pokémon 4
Victini is the best!Pokémon 4
Espeon is so fancy.Pokémon 4
Umbreon's kind of scary...Pokémon 4
The one and only Reshiram.Pokémon 4
Cresselia is just mesmerizing.Pokémon 4
Don't hate me for my Magneton.Pokémon 4
Quagsire is the best!Pokémon 4
Is anything as amazing as Yveltal?Pokémon 4
I'm hooked on Latios lately.Pokémon 4