Advisor Nia

As you start the game, you will meet the advisor, Nia. She will take you on a tour of the various parts of the game and offer various advice both before matches and even during them. Partnered with her Weavile, she is just there to give you various tooltips, but she also has an impact on battles.

You can alter the settings for Nia within the My Town option of the game.

Cheer Skills

Cheer Skills are special features that activate between rounds. In doing so, they will give your matches a special bonus in a variety of factors depending on the Cheer Skill. You can only have one Cheer Skill active at any one time. In multiplayer and Single Battle modes, you can select the Cheer Skill as you go into the battle. However, for the Ferrum League, you have to assign the Cheer Skill within the Advisor Settings.

Click here for full Cheer Skill details


As you play through the Ferrum League, you will unlock various outfits for Nia. These outfits are merely a cosmetic difference and just can be used in order to help personalise Nia to your own specifications. They are as follows:

Picture Name Unlock Method
Photo Original From Beginning
Photo Halloween Defeat Chroma League
Photo Santa Defeat Iron League
Photo Downtime 1 Defeat Green League
Photo Downtime 2 Defeat Blue League
Photo Downtime 3 Defeat Red League
Photo Sporty Defeat Green League
Photo Dress From Beginning
Advisor Settings

During gameplay, Nia will be around in order to give you various tips such as when you can use Synergy Burst and if the opponent is weakened. However, as many people may find this disruptive, various settings have been included to allow you to alter Nia's commentary to your needs. You can sellect the full advice settings, which is the default, have it so it's only the core bits, or turn Nia's advice completely off.