Pokkén Link Web

When you have a Bana Passport and account, you have the ability to access your account using a mobile web client, or the Internet on a PC via this link. This web app lets you alter all the features of your Pokémon, characters and so forth and have it propogate through to the arcade game next time you scan your Bana Passport.

Here, everything that is customisable can be altered through the client, but there are a few restrictions.

Pokkén Link Web - Premium System

There is a Premium Service to this system. While you can do many things for free, you can also pay 300¥ in order to gain access to even more features on the web client, allowing for you to change these things in real-time, without the need to do it at an arcade machine.

This service can be cancelled whenever you want but will last to the end of that month.

Link Web Services

Feature Free Premium
Receive Item Boxes Yes Yes
Redistribute Pokémon SLevel Points No Yes
Set Support Pokémon No Yes
Customise Avatar Yes - Not all Items Yes
Set Avatar Type No Yes
Change Avatar No Yes
Set Character Title No Yes
Set Player Comment No Yes
Access Comment Shop No Yes
Change Trainer Name Yes Yes
Get Navi Trainer Advice Yes Yes
KO Counter Yes Yes
Settings & Options Yes Yes