Online Battle

While Local Battle mode has got a variety of restrictions and many people don't have the setup for LAN Battle, the optimal choice for multiplayer away from tournaments is to utilise the Online Battle option. This will allow for you to battle your friends and anyone else with the game in the world.

There are multiple different options to play online and this page is to detail each of the options. The game will show your record to the right showing how well you have done in both of these

When you go online, if you can't find a matched player within 10 seconds, the game puts you into a match against the computer. It will continue attempts to matchmake in the background and will end the CPU match when it finds a partner.

Rank Match

Rank Match is the more dominant mode in the game. In this, you face off against random people across the world in an effort to raise your rank. With each match, if you win you will earn points which will go towards ranking up. Ranks range from E rank up to A rank, with each rank having 5 additional ranks within it, so it'd go E5, E4, E3, E2, E1 then go to D5. As such, the game will try to matchmake you with similarly ranked players.

When you have reached the time that you're going to rank up, it will let you know and give you a few chances. If you fail, you have to battle to get to that point again. If you have a string of losses, there's also the chance of you being ranked down.

Friendly Match

Friendly Match is a less pressured mode of play. Here, you can play against other players without the worry of having to rank up. You can either set the game to hunt for people globally, or set it to search only for people on your Wii U Friend List. Unfortunately, you cannot select specific friends to face against.

There's also the option of setting a VS Code. This code is an 8 character long code and will allow for you to only be matched with players using the same code. This can also be set to both Friend and Global matches so that you can only interact with people who you gave the code to.

After the match, you'll be given the option to rematch the same player, or go on to the next battle and try to find another player.


There's also an option to check the various rankings. You can do this based on overall score, or based on wins. From this, you can check the rankings of all time, rankings for the current month and ranking for the previous month. You can also filter the results to be Global, Regional and to start from your position in the rankings. You can also filter the rankings to only show people on your Wii U Friend List