Like most games, Pokkén Tournament has got a myriad of modes and within these modes you have various features and means to play the game. These range from single player modes to multiplayer modes and even areas you can alter your character. This page is to detail these various modes

The modes are accessed by selecting various areas on the map of the Ferrum Region.

Ferrum League
Players: 1

The Ferrum League is the main part of the game. In this, you have to battle through various leagues, defeating trainers to increase your rank. This is the story mode of the game and features a variety of trainers as well as the mysterious story of Shadow Mewtwo.

There are four ranks:
Green League (D Rank)
Blue League (C Rank)
Red League (B Rank)
Chroma League (A Rank)
Iron League (S Rank)

In this mode, you will face up against a number of trainers to get your rank to the Top 8. From there, you can then enter the Top 8 and eventually face the leader of the league.

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Single Player
Players: 1

This mode is simply where you can battle a CPU player. This is just a simple fight against one with nothing overall special. There is no story to it so it's just plain and simple battling.

There's also an Extra Battle mode. In this mode, rather than having Synergy Gauge additions show up in Field Phase, instead there are items that will show up. Blue boosts your Synergy Gauge, Green restores Hit Points but Red will increase Attack, Defense or Speed. There may also be negative effects from them.

Players: 1

This mode lets you test your various skills and become a better Pokkén Tournament player. There are four options in this mode

Tutorial - This runs you through the basics of the game
Free Training - Lets you practice your battles with no worries about time or health
Action Dojo - Lets you test out various strategies and teaches you various strategies
Combo Dojo - Teaches you about how to unleash various combos in the game.

My Town
Players: 1

This mode is one that lets you customise various aspects about you and your Pokémon

  • Battle Code - Gives you a code that you can give to non-Friend players to battle you
  • Profile - This lets you alter your human character's appearance
    • Display Name - The name that is displayed when you are online
    • Avatar Appearance - The looks of your avatar
    • Title - The Title your character has. These are unlocked through play
    • Comment - A comment that goes with your character at the start of battles online
  • Pokémon Settings - This lets you customise your Pokémon in various stats such as Attack, Speed and so forth
  • NaviTrainer Settings
  • Options
Local Play
Players: 2

This mode is one that lets you play locally with another player. There are two different variants here. The first mode is on one console where one player has to use the Wii U GamePad and the other player uses the TV with any other controller. During this mode, the frame rate of the game is halved to 30fps

The alternative mode is LAN play where you have two Wii Us connected via LAN cable (requiring LAN Adapters). This locks the game to 60 frames per second and all controllers can be used.

Online Play
Players: 2

This mode is one that lets you play online with another player. There are multiple different ways of play in this mode, Friendly Matches & Ranked Matches. Friendly Matches can be played against anyone, with people on Friend Lists or people who have the Battle Code for your Friendly Match. Ranked Matches are where you can earn various rank points, awarded based on your success in the match and players compete to get the highest rank.