Puzzle League has a two player mode. There are three individual modes within this that you can play; Marathon, Timed & Spa Service. Each of them with the same attributes as their own modes within the game for the single player. However, unlike those, you have the ability to Select Your Characters to make it feel more individual

Like some of the other modes, you also have the choice here to turn your 2 Player mode from a 2D puzzle into 3D in order for you to fully challenge yourself and your opponent. 3D is not for the beginners however

Marathon Mode

The marathon Mode is your essential two player mode where you are against your opponent continually until one of you gets a game over by having your area completely filled up. As you collect combos and high length lines, you will give massive blocks to your opponent which make it difficult. To get rid of these large blocks, all you have to do is get a combo for it to go...just like in the one player mode

Timed Mode

The Timed Mode is essentially a match where you go against your opponent and try to get the highest score. The Mechanics are the same as the other games so be sure to get the biggest combos to win

Spa Mode

The final two player mode has you run a match similar to the Spa Mode in which you play through the stages to get to a specific point. Once you reach the point, you win the level. In multiplayer, the aim is to get there before your opponent