The Puzzle University is another mode where you have to do puzzles. However, these have you clear the screen within a set amount of moves. There are 230 different puzzles for you to work out here of varying difficulties in both 2D and 3D. You can also create your own custom puzzles

Regular Mode

The Regular Mode in Puzzle University essentially just has you clear the screen by doing one of the 230 Puzzles available in a set amount of moves. On some this is really easy, however once you get is incredibly complicated, especially on the 3D ones

Custom Mode

The Custom Mode allows you to create Puzzles in order to get your friends to try and beat. You can save up to 15 different puzzles here and can delete and edit them at will

Custom Mode

In the Custom Puzzles, you can edit them to your hearts content, changing the positions and type of blocks as you do so wish in order to create the ultimate puzzle. Setting the number of moves you have to have it done by, its always best to check its possible to complete it before ending. You can even change the background