Puzzle League's various game modes are dotted around an interface based around an area called Puzzle Village. The modes are plentiful, but all follow the same basic gameplay mechanics. Below are the game modes

Professor Oak's Lab

Professor Oak's Lab is essentially tutorials on how to play. It explains the controls within the game as well as how you get combos and essentially how to win. It also explains the rules of both 2D and 3D matches. However, these are not interactive so you can just watch him do it

Mimic Mansion

Mimic Mansion is another set of tutorials in the game. However, unlike the ones at Professor Oak's Laboratory, these ones allow you to interact as you mimic what Tracey tells you to do. There are three sub-modes to the Mimic Mansion; Demo, which shows you how to play the game, Mimic Mode which shows you how to make combos and generally win, and finally; Super Easy Mode

Mimic Mansion - Super Easy Mode

Super Easy Mode is essentially a mode to get you to get to grips with the whole game in itself. It moves slowly and is just essentially there so you can learn all the combos and possibilities. This can be done in both 2D and 3D modes

1 Player Mode

The 1 Player Mode has you play as Ash Ketchum in his trial to be a Pokémon Puzzle Master. Go through 16 stages in 5 difficulties to get to be the very best. These matches are all in the 2 Dimensional form so they can be quite easy

2 Player Mode

The 2 Player Mode has 3 sub-modes of Marathon, Time Zone & Spa Service in which you and a friend can play against eachother in order to try and find out who is the best Puzzle Player in the game. These matches can be either 2D or 3D so it can be really tricky

Puzzle University

The Puzzle University is another mode where you have to do puzzles. However, these have you clear the screen within a set amount of moves. There are 230 different puzzles for you to work out here of varying difficulties in both 2D and 3D. You can also create your own custom puzzles


Marathon mode essentially lets you continue doing the puzzles to your heart's content. These can be 2D or 3D at any difficulty and speed so you can really set up a decent challenge for yourself

Spa Service

The Spa Mode has a storyline where Team Rocket have stolen your Pokémon and you're to get them back by defeating the puzzles. These Puzzles require you to get down to a particular line and once you've cleared everything above it, the level is over. There are a variety of stages in each level and the difficulty & speed gets ramped up. Sometimes you end up against Butch & Cassidy and then even Giovanni himself

Time Zone

The Time Zone is another Puzzle Match. However this time, instead of just aiming to clear the board, your task is to clear it within a set timelimit. These matches can also be both 2D and 3D and you have the ability to change the speed and difficulty

Pokémon Center

The Pokémon Center is essentially your options page and it allows you to check your records for your save file