Puzzle League is a Pokémon take on the classic Panel de Pon style puzzle games. These give you several kinds of blocks in which you have the ability to move them horizontally so that you can get a line of 3 or more squares. Doing this removes the squares and drops the above squares down. When playing against someone, you will get big blocks fly down when your opponent gets a combo that block your way...to get rid of them you simply have to get a line near them and they'll convert into more blocks. You can get 5 blocks in a row on their own or you can combine with others next to it to get say three hearts and five fire blocks for a decent combo. Combos also occur when a block falls down hitting two others of the same kind and creating a line. These are for bigger points and to cause bigger blocks to fall on your opponent

2D Mode

The 2D mode is the normal Panel de Pon style game that has been around for decades, with a Pokémon twist of course. With only six blocks in width, it is relatively simple compared to the alternative, all you have to do is empty it and there you are

3D Mode

The 3D mode is what Puzzle League is most famous for. This mode, as it is 3D, has the puzzle in the shape of a cylinder with the blocks on the surface. You have the ability to move the blocks round completely in order to get the combos you require due to there being no edges. The same rules apply, however as it is a significantly wider, you will have to think on your feet quicker in order to not end up with a gameover