The Capture Styler

As in the previous Pokémon Ranger games, you capture Pokémon in the game by using the Capture Styler. This allows you to circle the Pokémon on the Touch Screen, causing damage to them as you complete successful rotations. In this game, the Capture Styler is placed within the protagonist's watch allowing it to be more compact than ever before.

Unlike the previous games however, the Pokémon Assists are not applied directly to the styler, rather the Pokémon are sent out themselves into the field to use their attacks on the opponents.

Capture Styler Stats

Like Shadows of Almia, the Capture Styler can be upgraded. However, this is done in a different manner to those games where you got Capture Cards after completing quests. However, in this game, there are further enhancements to the Styler. Like the previous games, the Styler levels up on its own, but there's much more to it. The Capture Styler has the following statistics:

  • Styler Energy - This statistic is essentially the equivilant of the Hit Points you'd have in most RPGs. As you increase the Hit Points, you're capable of receiving more damage. If the Styler Energy reaches 0, then your game ends. It is represented by a single value
  • Styler Power - This statistic represents the strength of the Capture Styler. As this statistic increases, the damage inflicted upon the Pokémon for each successful rotation is increased. It is represented by a single value
  • Line - The Line stat helps determine the possible length of the line your Capture Styler leaves behind. The longer the line, the bigger the circles you can use to capture the Pokémon. It is represented by a Level value to denote the length of the line
  • Damage Reduction - This statistic is essentially a defence stat and will help lower any damage inflicted on the Capture Styler by an attack by the Pokémon. It is represented by a percentage to determine how much of the damage is prevents
  • Charge Speed - This statistic determines how quickly you can recharge your Capture Styler. It is represented by an amount of time in seconds
  • Recovery Energy - This statistic represents how many points are added back to the Capture Styler after a successful Pokémon capture. It is represented by a single value.
  • Latent Power - This statistic represents how much damage is increased by if the Styler Energy is at a low value. It is represented by a percentage.

Upgrading Stats

When you play through the game, assist people and capture Pokémon, you'll gradually accumulate "Ranger Points (R.P.)". These points can be utilised to help power up the various aspects of the Capture Styler . For certain amounts of Ranger Points, when you level up, you can increase each statistic. Each statistic themselves have a certain Level which helps determine the value of the stat.

  • Energy Plus - This value boosts the Styler Energy stat
  • Power Plus - This value boosts the Styler Power stat
  • Line Plus - This value boosts the Line stat
  • Defense Plus - This value boosts the Damage Reduction stat
  • Charge Plus - This value boosts the Charge Speed stat
  • Recovery Plus - This value boosts the Recovery Energy stat
  • Latent Power Plus - This value boosts the Latent Power stat

This allows you to fully adapt the Capture Styler to your style of play.