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Light Temple Missions

At Last, Arceus and the Light

Difficulty: 5
Recommended Level: 50+
Time Limit: 10:30

The first and only mission in the Light Temple is a massive one. With only 10 and a half minutes on the original clock, your task here is to capture all 27 Pokémon in the temple. This can be done by catching each Pokémon you find. It's a massive task so be prepared. In addition to that, many past Boss Pokémon such as Salamence, Magnezone, Vespiquen, Vileplume & Lucario are found within this stage. Luckily you can find clocks to help assist you and you will also find each of the power ups to help boost your Capture Styler. The boss here, and for the whole Past Missions is the Alpha Pokémon Arceus. Unlike the main games, Arceus is limited here to its Normal-type so a Fighting Assist will be incredibly helpful such as Lucario. Arceus has a massive Hyper Beam attack that shoots in all directions and shoots in various instances of 1 shot, 2 shots or a complete starburst. It has an attack that shoots energy balls across the stage for several seconds and uses its beam attack to create two beams that will rotate around the stage, causing issues for any Pokémon assisting you. After it rages, its attacks are stepped up and it will shoot two pairs of three vertical beams through the stage at one point. The beams that rotate around the stage will also be multiplied. After a while and if you're at a sufficiently high level, you'll be able to capture Arceus. It will teleport away and you have saved the area from the Yoroibito.

Litograph Prizes
S Rank (Rare) S Rank (Rare) S Rank A Rank
Available Litographs
Ranger No. Picture Name Field Ability Assist
N-032 Delibird Break Ice
N-047 Chingling Psy Power Psychic
N-048 Chimecho Psy Power Psychic
N-050 Skorupi Break Bug
N-119 Togekiss Slash Flying
N-206 Combee Slash Flying
N-212 Gligar Slash Ground
N-215 Misdreavus Psy Power Ghost
N-216 Mismagius Psy Power Ghost
N-217 Blissey Slam Normal
N-218 Sableye Slash Dark
N-219 Drifloon Slam Ghost
N-220 Drifblim Psy Power Ghost

After defeating Arceus, it will teleport away and the past is saved. You will receive your thanks and congratulations from the other Rangers and you will be sent back to the future. However, you will have the ability to go back and repeat missions.