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Odd Temple Missions

Deoxys & The Mysterious Temple

Difficulty: 3.5
Recommended Level: 25+
Time Limit: 09:00

The first and only mission in the Odd Temple is a complex one and it requires you to have a friend play with you so that you can get past the second room. This mission requires you to capture 5 Ninetales. The Ninetales are frightened so will run away from you at first sight. Your best bet here is to lay an ambush with your friend and chase the Ninetales into them. Normal Form shoots Energy Balls out and will occassionally disappear and re-appear in the middle to change form. When it transforms into Defense Form, it creates a barrier around itself and shoots Energy Balls in any direction. Speed Forme creates illusions of itself to distract you. Attack Forme creates energy beams going out in Multiple directions

S Rank (Rare) S Rank A Rank
Available Litographs
Ranger No. Picture Name Field Ability Assist
N-082 Ursaring Slam Normal
N-096 Aggron Slam Steel
N-139 Pelipper Slash Water