Unlike previous games, Ranger Guardian Signs has a special multiplayer mode. This Multiplayer mode, transmitted over the local wireless, allows 2 to 4 players to work together to complete missions. These missions are all seperate from the main game, but they all give access to a variety of areas in the single player game. These missions are available to play with both single player and multiplayer

Time Travel

At various points in the single player game, you will encounter a Celebi whom will give you the ability to travel back in time. It will take you, but not your partner, the Ukulele Pichu, back in time. When back in time, you will be given a special mission for you to complete.

Missions & Pokémon

These missions are completed with your friends. When you go to Capture Pokémon, all of you can help with your Capture Stylers to take down its HP. You can all send in Pokémon simultaneously to use assists as well. This allows you to more easily take out the bosses at the end of the missions. However, the person who lays the final circle to capture the Pokémon is the one that keeps it

When multiple players are taking part in the capture, you can draw special shapes such as a triangle or a square with each player drawing a side. These capture efforts cause massive damage on the Pokémon you're attempting to capture.

When you capture certain Pokémon in the multiplayer, they will drop Litographs. These Litographs allow the Pokémon to be a Partner Pokémon for the past missions.


As you cannot take your main partner, Ukulele Pichu back in time with you, you'll have to get a new partner in the past for these missions. There are numerous partners that you can get in multiplayer mode and select from. However, unlike the Pokémon in the single player, the Partner Pokémon here have a special feature.

When you complete missions, you will accumulate currency known as Ranger Points. With these Ranger Points, you have the ability to level up your Partner Pokémon in the following categories; Assist Level, Healing and Power which increase their strength and defence from attacks of the opponent Pokémon as well as the duration of their Pokémon Assist. These can be increased up to a level of 5

Unlike the Ukulele Pichu whom is unable to Time Travel, the Partner Pokémon here can be brought into the future by utilising the special Ranger Signs.


After you have done several of the missions, you will have new access to a variety of areas in the present in Oblivia. These areas are not normally accessible so it gives you incentive to travel back in time and defeat the missions, either on your own or with a friend.

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