Connection Orb

A new feature introduced in this Pokémon is the Connection Orb feature. This feature gives you a web of all the Pokémon you have connections with. As you fully connect with one Pokémon, it will often branch out connecting to multiple more, over and over until a full web is formed.

When you access the Connection Orb map, you'll be able to see the Pokémon you have seen and their connections. Often connections are based on in-game friendships from all Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, such as with Team ACT from Red/Blue Exploration Team and Team Charm from Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky.

In here, you'll be able to search for Pokémon by name or sort them alphabetically by colour, type and more, and see their current stats and movesets. If a Pokémon hasn't been fully connected to, you can see if it has a special mission assigned to it and what that mission is.

Recruiting Pokémon

Recruiting Pokémon is very different in this game to the predecessors. Rather than there being a slim chance of them wanting to join you after you have defeated them, this time the recruiting is tied in with Connection Orbs. If you have connected with the Pokémon, then you can use it in dungeons away from the main story. This is available after Ampharos gives you your first Connection Orb.

The method for getting Pokémon varies. They are as follows

  • Complete various missions. These can be obtained either by speaking to them in the overworld, or just by checking the Connection Orb map. You can stack multiple missions in a dungeon at once.
  • If they have an exclamation mark when in the towns or building, instead of giving you a mission, they may just join you.
  • Connection with other Pokémon. Many Pokémon will be connected just because a connection has been made
  • When you rank up in the Expedition Society, various connections are made.
  • Some Pokémon randomly appear in dungeons and either need your help such as needing an Apple or will give you health and hunger boosts in order to continue on through the dungeon. These don't show up in the task list.

Due to it being tied to Connection Orbs, you cannot obtain more than one per species, or form if the forms do not change in battle.