Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon builds upon the previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games and gives you more than one area to explore. In this game, there are multiple continents to visit, each with stores in, access to different dungeons and more. Each conintent also may have multiple locations to explore outside of dungeons. They can be accessed by purchasing Passports from Lapras and then riding Lapras to the continent.

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Noe Town
Points of Interest:
Kecleon Bazaar
Hawlucha's Skill Dojo
Pokémon Café

Noe Town is a town that sits on the coastline of the Grass Continent, giving access to the various dungeons that are located within. It is built in a more classic style of stone architecture and contains a fountain in the north part of town.

Dungeon Listings

Dungeon Name Japanese Name Floors Unlock Method
Lake of Enlightenment 悟りの湖 B30F Clear Heart Lake
Auroras Edge オーロラの果て 43F Connect with Uxie
Midnight Sun Gorge 白夜の渓谷 B9F Arrive at Mist Continent
Forest of Fairies ようせいの森 11F Arrive at Mist Continent
Flagstone Cave 岩どこの洞窟 B13F Arrive at Mist Continent
Frozen Mountain 凍結の山 15F Connect with Sealeo
Pumpkaboo Forest バケッチャの森 19F Connect with Pumpkaboo
Frozen Falls 氷の滝 17F Connect with Mismagius
Gooey Bog ヌメリしつげん B13F Connect with Sliggoo
Buried Ruins 地下遺跡 B20F Become Great Master Rank
Clear Lake クリアレイク 18F Connect with Raikou
Meteorite Crater いん石の跡地 B8F Connect with Mewtwo
Island of Isolation 孤高の島 - Become Gold Rank
Cape of Wonders すばらし岬 9F Arrive at Mist Continent