Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon builds upon the previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games and gives you more than one area to explore. In this game, there are multiple continents to visit, each with stores in, access to different dungeons and more. Each conintent also may have multiple locations to explore outside of dungeons. They can be accessed by purchasing Passports from Lapras and then riding Lapras to the continent.

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Capim Town
Points of Interest:
Kecleon Bazaar
Hawlucha's Skill Dojo
Pokémon Café

Capim Town is a town that sits on the coastline of the Grass Continent, giving access to the various dungeons that are located within. It is built on top of various treetops and has got a rural feel to it.

Dungeon Listings

Dungeon Name Japanese Name Floors Unlock Method
Mystery Jungle ミステリージャングル B12F Clear Chapter Final
Thorny Shadow Path いばらの影道 15F Connect with Marill
Deep Sea Tunnel 海奥のトンネル B25F Connect with Tyrantrum
Sacred Ruins アッカの岩場 39F Become Hyper Rank
Temple Remains 聖なる跡地 39F Become Hyper Rank
Hidden Cave かくれ洞窟 B30F Clear Chapter Final
Heart Lake ハートレイク B29F Become Silver Rank
Path of Fallen Leaves かれ葉の道 42F Clear Heart Lake
Sunny Spot Hill ひだまりの丘 10F Arrive at Grass Continent
Friendly Meadow なかよし草原 12F Arrive at Grass Continent
Abundant Pass すずなり峠 B14F Arrive at Grass Continent
Stealth Cavern しのびの洞穴 B16F Connect with Ivysaur
Crystalline Maze 結晶石の迷路 18F Connect with Ferroseed
Little Canyon プチキャニオン 13F Connect with Grotle
Spiral Vortex らせんうろう B16F
Giant Stone Meadow 巨大石な草原 15F Begin Treasure Hunt
Fresh Meadow まっさら原っぱ 15F Connect with Cubchoo
Blue Point ブルーポイント B10F Become Platinum Rank
Triangle Temple 三角神殿 B12F Become Silver Rank
Dragon Gate ドラゴンゲート 23F Become Ace Rank
Magma Chamber マグマの地下道 B27F Become Master Rank
Zero Isle ゼロの島 B13F Become Diamond Rank
Freedom Coast フリーダム海岸 5F Connect with Nincada
Sky Ruins 天空遺跡 - Become Hyper Rank