Pelipper Island

Pelipper Island is an island that is found only in the main top menu. When you load up the island, you'll get asked a few questions again and from that, three more starter Pokémon are decided for you, but these can only be used on Pelipper Island. You're then asked to select any of your Pokémon to play as on the island. Pelipper Island is essentially a connectivity hub. It's where you can connect with other players to access a variety of missions, including rescuing of other players.

On the island, you can only use items and money you have stored in the Deposit Box, though there is a Kecleon, Klefki, Hawlucha and Cofagrigus stall to allow for you to get further items. All items obtained through Pelipper Island will have to be deposited in the Deposit Box before you leave.

Rescue Missions

The core part of the Pelipper Island is the rescue missions, accessed by the left-hand Pelipper. When another player has fallen in a dungeon during their main game, they can create a password, QR Code or send local connections in order to request being rescued. To help other players, you need to speak to Pelipper on Pelipper Island and enter the special password, scan the QR Code or make a local connection and the mission will be added. The mission is then accessed from Pelipper Island, and you can use any of your Pokémon to complete it.

Once that's done, speak to the Pelipper again and you can create a password, QR Code (which can be posted to Miiverse or saved to the SD Card) or make a local connection to let the player know you have rescued them and send an accompanying item.

An interesting thing of note is that you can even rescue yourself. If you created a code, you can go on a mission to rescue your own Pokémon using other Pokémon you have.


When you speak to the right-hand Pelipper, you can access the other part of in-game connectivity, the StreetPass and Internet features. Speaking to Pelipper will allow for you to select a Pokémon and give it a name and a message. It will then be set as a Pokémon that is sent out when you StreetPass other players and can also be sent to the Internet servers.

Another option that Pelipper provides allows for you to receive these Pokémon. If you have made any StreetPass hits with other Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon players, you can receive their Pokémon for use in missions on Pelipper Island. You can also download a selection of Pokémon from the Internet that other players have uploaded and these can also be used in the missions on Pelipper Island and may appear for a floor randomly in dungeons through the main game.


On Pelipper Island, you have access to visiting any dungeon that you have unlocked in the main story. This is mostly for the use of the Wonder Mail rescue missions, but they can be explored anyway, but that isn't all. There are in fact three special dungeons, exclusive to Pelipper Island. These are small easy dungeons but provide varied items for you to collect.