Challenge Card

originally part of Special Customer Events, Challenge Cards have made a return, in a separate format than before. Now, there can be multiple Challenge Cards running simultaneously and they can provide a variety of different features including a story to get Mew

Challenge Card Premium Pass

List of Challenge Cards

Picture Pokémon Duration
Dialga Courtesy Challenge September 9th - 21st
Pokemon Appreciation August 2022 August 29th - September 9th
Summer Courtesy Challenge August 3rd - August 12th
Summer Appreciation July 25th - August 12th
Second Anniversary Challenge 2 July 8th 2022 - August 1st 2022
Second Anniversary Challenge 1 June 24th - July 8thh
Ditto Challenge April 1st - April 20th
My Friend Vulpix Challenge 2 December 27th 2021 - January 3rd
My Friend Vulpix Challenge 1 December 17th 2021 - December 27th
Mew Challenge October 28th 2021 - ???
Pokemon Appreciation October 28th 2021 - November 10th