Like most games, Pokémon Café Mix has a myriad of items to aid in the gameplay. These items are unlocked through completing various challenges or as part of bundles.


Boosters are a kind of item that is activated as you're going into the stage. There are three of these items and they will simply place a particular item into the stage at the start to give you a running start. This is especially useful if it's a stage where you're about to befriend a Pokémon or if you are struggling

Skill PlusDrops an icon that activates your Lead Pokémon's skill
Horizontal Megaphone MakerDrops a horizontal megaphone
Vertical Megaphone MakerDrops a vertical megaphone

Puzzle Powers

Puzzle Powers can be activated at any time during the puzzle. They offer a quick guaranteed boost such as removal of certain blocks that can aid in the completion of a stage. These do not cost a turn to activate

Helping PawRemoves a specific icon
Horizontal WhistleRemoves all icons horizontally from where you tap
Vertical WhistleRemoves all icons vertically from where you tap
Leader BallTurns all icons of the species of Pokémon you tap to match that of your leader