Events are commonplace in Pokémon games and Pokémon Café Mix is no different. The events include various Special Customers and Challenge Boards. With the Specual Customers, when you first encounter them and complete and order, they'll be able to appear in Party Invites after the event ends

Special Customers

List of Events

Picture Pokémon Duration
Galarian Slowpoke Team Event November 18th - December 2nd 2020
Gengar Event November 4th - November 18th 2020
Mimikyu Team Event October 21st - November 4th 2020
Hattrem Event October 8th - October 21st 2020
Snorlax Team Event September 24th - October 8th 2020
Torterra Event September 9th - September 23rd 2020
Celebi Event August 26th - September 9th 2020
Grookey Event August 12th - August 26th 2020
Dragonite Event July 29th - August 12th 2020
Sobble Event July 15th - July 29th 2020
Scorbunny Event July 1st - July 15th 2020