Team Events

Team Events were a new feature introduced in September 2020. After creating or joining in a team, you'll be able to participate in the various Team Events as they go through. In these events, players will do special orders in order to create dishes to make a Pokémon happy.

If the Pokémon gets happy, then you'll all be able to recruit the Pokémon

Players have the ability of seeing all the players that participate in the event and how many stars they earn for it.

Team Events

List of Team Events

Picture Pokémon Duration
Tender Psyduck March 24th - April 1st 2022
Scorbunny's Spring March 8th - March 17th 2022
Our Guest Hisuian Sneasel February 20th - 27th 2022
Scraggy's Rush February 6th - 11th 2022
Meowth's Love For Yarn January 20th - 30th 2022
Enthusiastic Pichu January 4th - 11th 2022
My Friend Vulpix December 19th - December 28th 2022
Lost Alolan Vulpix December 5th - December 14th 2022
Winter Prep with Farfetch'd November 21st - November 28th 2022
Mismagius's Halloween Party October 19th - October 28th 2022
Teddiursa's Love for Honey September 21st - October 1st 2022
Timid Hisuian Zorua August 12th - 22nd 2022
Competitive Flareon July 8th - July 21st 2022
Alcremie Team Event June 13th 2022 - June 27th 2022
Electrode Team Event May 13th 2022 - May 27th 2022
Toucannon Team Event April 20th 2022 - May 1st 2022
Mismagius Team Event March 14th - March 28th 2022
Ludicolo Team Event February 16th - February 28th 2022
Garchomp Team Event January 12th - January 26th 2022
Vulpix Team Event December 27th 2021 - January 1st 2022
Greedent Team Event November 16th - November 30th 2021
Lucario Holiday Team Event September 2021 September 22nd - October 4th 2021
Galarian Slowpoke Team Event August 2021 August 25th - September 8th 2021
Mimikyu Team Event July 2021 July 28th - August 11th 2021
Snorlax Team Event June 2021 June 30th - July 14th 2021
Chansey Team Event June 2021 June 2nd - June 16th 2021
Lucario Holiday Team Event May 2021 May 5th - May 29th 2021
Galarian Slowpoke Team Event April 2021 April 7th - April 21st 2021
Mimikyu Team Event March 2021 March 10th - March 24th 2021
Snorlax Team Event February 2021 February 10th - February 24th 2021
Chansey Team Event January 13th 2021 - January 27th 2021
Lucario Holiday Team Event December 16th - December 30th 2020
Galarian Slowpoke Team Event November 18th - December 2nd 2020
Mimikyu Team Event October 21st - November 4th 2020
Snorlax Team Event September 24th - October 8th 2020