Pokémon Café Mix, as standard, makes you make various dishes for Pokémon as an order to complete the Order to make the Pokémon happy. In doing so, there are multiple different items you can make. This page lists all the items and their category

Available Offerings

Pic Name Catergory Description
Burnt-Caramel Vulpix Sundae Sweets A sweet and bitter dessert that depicts the cuteness and beauty of Vulpix. It tastes as good as it looks
Cheesy Rowlet Pizza Small Plates A Rowlet-shaped pizza with gooey, stretchy chhese that's simply irresistible. Enjoy it while it's hot!
Combee Waffles with Honey Sweets Combee-inspired waffles drizzled with honey. This sweet delight goes well with tea
Dugtrio Sandwich Trio Small Plates A hearty sandwich set that even satisfies a Dugtrio. Enjoy the fresh tomatoes bursting with flavor
Eevee Latte Drinks A signature latte with a comforting flavor. Enjoy the cute latte art of Eevee!
Fluffy Eevee Pancakes Sweets The whipped cream (as fluffy as Eevee's fur!) is a huge hit. Pure delight until the very last bite
Gratin a la Pumpkaboo Entrées A gratin as generously sized as a large Pumpkaboo. This will surely satisfy your hunger!
Hot Litwick Cocoa Drinks Hot cocoa, warm like a Litwick's flame, topped with yummy marshmallows. Fortunately, drinking it won't drain your life-force
Lilligant Floral Tea Drinks Original blended tea. The soothing scent has calming benefits, just like the flower on Lilligant's head.
Nutty Buneary Frappe Drinks A refreshing frappé with cookies shaped like Buneary's ears. The combination of the sweet cream and toasted nuts is superb
Piquant Pikachu Curry Entrées A vegetable-loaded curry with a kick to it. Enjoy a big plate and fuel your energy with Pikachu's smile.
Poppin' Pachirisu Float Drinks A soda float that's zappy like Pachirisu's electricity! Only a pro can top it off with even more ice cream
Swablu Shaved Ice Sweets Shaved ice shaped like a Swablu. Make sure you eat up before it melts!
Yummy Yamper Pasta Small Plates A pasta bolognese depicting a playful Yamper. This cute and yummy dish will surely delight your taste buds and heart!