Audino's Cooking Drills

Duration: February 2nd - February 5th 2024

This event was a Points Event in Pokémon Café ReMix and featured earning points to receive a variety of rewards including Tarts and Golden Acorns.

Special Customers

Point Rewards

LevelStarsTotal StarsReward
No. 1101 Skip Ticket
No. 210 Crispy Tart M
No. 3200 Golden Acorns
No. 415 Crispy Tart M
No. 5200 Milestone Cookies
No. 620 Crispy Tart M
No. 7300 Golden Acorns
No. 810 Crispy Tart L
No. 9400 Golden Acorns
No. 1015 Crispy Tart L
No. 11500 Golden Acorns
No. 1220 Crispy Tart L
No. 13600 Golden Acorns
No. 14200 Milestone Cookies
No. 15Crispy Macaron