Galarian Slowpoke Team Event April 2021

Duration: April 7th - April 21st 2021

This event was the repeat Team based event in Pokémon Café Mix. This event has you and your team raise Galarian Slowpoke's satisfaction level by completing orders and convincing it to join the staff, this provides a variety of items as well.

Special Customers

Special Customers

Pic Name Specialty Skill
Small Plates Clears icons and gimmicks diagonally

Appetite Rewards

LevelStarsTotal StarsReward
No. 13030Helper's Paw
No. 24070500 Golden Acorns
No. 360130Vertocal Megaphone Maker
No. 490220500 Golden Acorns
No. 5120340Skill Plus
No. 6140480500 Golden Acorns
No. 7160640Horizontal Megaphone Maker
No. 8200840Vertical Whistle
No. 92401080Slowpoke Recruit
No. 1036014405 Slowpoke Tasty Tart
No. 11
No. 1236021605 Slowpoke Tasty Tart
No. 134802640Horizontal Whistle
No. 1448031205 Slowpoke Tasty Tart
No. 1548036005 Slowpoke Tasty Tart
No. 16480408010 Slowpoke Tasty Tart
No. 1772048001 Tasty Tart